EcholCite School of Mural Art in Lyon

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LyonSights and dirty rundown of a big city is a frightening specter for every resident. One cause of that is because the population of the city is being added every day. Intense competition led to a lot of people become unemployed. Of course, they often do negative activities.

From the ugliness of a city, not all the things that surround always negative. Some designers are now also assist in creating a landscape of a city becomes more beautiful. With a touch of art to the building that stands in urban areas, they perform a unique new step.

EcholCite School of Mural Art is an art school that changed the world’s first view of the city into areas with high artwork and have exceptional artistic value. EcholCite School of Mural Art ‘s have mission to teach students to create works of art using the side-story building in each section. This schools is located in Lyon that provides specifically for art majors frescoes and requires each student to practice every learning outcomes in the classroom through the buildings around the city.

Founder EcholCite School of Mural Art is Gilbert Coudene. He said that the students of the school has produced more than 150 paintings murals on the walls of every building in Lyon. They hope that Lyon may become the capital and major tourist destination for the beautiful artwork in the world. Previously, Lyon just a regular city that only has the function of infrastructure alone. Once the school is built, they hope that Lyon can provide aesthetic and emotional elements of life that makes the real difference between humans and animals.

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