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DrottningholmDrottningholm Palace is a royal palace built in 1960 that is still well groomed till now and is considered to be a representation of European architecture in the period. Buildings are included in the UNESCO World Heritage is now used as a permanent residence of the King and Queen of Sweden. To reach Drottningholm, you have to climb Tunnelbana from Stockholm to Brommaplan Station, then take a bus to Drottningholm.

Wasted time during travel and transportation costs are not paid commensurate cheap. Drottningholm Palace looks elegant in its simplicity. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful. Geese and gulls at Lake Malaren free roam which is right in front of the Drottningholm Palace. It is a perfect place to stay for the King and Queen of Sweden.

Some travelers who had reached the yard busy Drottningholm Palace captures every scene there with camera in hand. Soft yellow building that dominates the colors, mingle with the blue and green colors of the lakes and forests around the palace. To enter and view the contents of the Drottningholm Palace, you have to pay a fee which is not cheap around 80 SEK. So, I prefer to walk in the park around the palace. Palace garden area is also one tourist attraction in addition to building the palace Drottningholm Palace itself. Garden palace was built gradually eaten every garden has a different style.

From the front page of Drottningholm Palace, I went to the backyard. The information states that say abaca baroque garden in Rottningholm Palace can be likened to a garden at the Palace of Versailles. Super spacious yard filled with rows of grass and trees in order to landscape garden is set up is able to amaze me.

From baroque garden I can see the whole building Drottningholm Palace, looked so majestic, but still unpretentious despite having status sa palace. The arrangement can be said simple baroque garden. However, when the page as it was laid out with row crops near-perfect symmetry, coupled with the palace in the background behind the simplicity that makes the atmosphere looks so majestic look. Sights I have seen so similar to the picture palace with Yemen that I often see in a children’s book.

Satisfied with baroque landscape garden, I went on a trip to the English Garden is located at the northern end of the baroque garden. In contrast to the strong baroque garden with symmetrical shades, various statues, and ornate fountains. English garden is an open space with a vast expanse of meadows, small woods, ponds, and lush trees that lined the path. Wild flowers are yellow and white dandelions members dots of color in the manicured lawn. Members the cool shade of trees in the middle of the sun.

Uphill path that makes me take a deep breath to gather force, instantly smell the sweet scent of grass in the nose. the sensation of imagination roam on the home page of King and Queen of Sweden. It takes a full day if you want to surf the total Drottningholm Palace. Given much different atmosphere to the hustle of downtown Stockholm. Make travelers feel at home being here. If I had more time, experience a picnic in the courtyard can be tried. However, if time is short, the experience of a walk in the palace garden will become unforgettable memories.

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