Rafting in Bali

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Rafting in baliRafting is an adventure down the river with strong currents and rapids that challenge, with a raft ride. There’s no other supplies for the trip in addition to controlling the paddle. Therefore rafting cohesiveness between participants is crucial.

In Bali there are many rafting rides with various grade that indicates the level of difficulty and much challenge along the path traversed. In Bali, the highest level of a vehicle owned by rafting at Telaga Waja river. In here grade reach grade IV.

Here are some favorite rafting tourist places in Bali

– Unda River in Klungkung had grade III with a path length of 9 km and takes about 1.5 hours, the price for the package Unda river rafting in the amounting Rp300000.

– Ayung River in Badung had grade II and III with a path length of 11 miles and takes about 1 hour, price for rafting package at Ayung river from Rp300000.

– Telaga Waja in Karang Asem had grade IV with trajectory 12.5 km long and takes about 2.5 hours, the price for a pack rafting at Telaga Waja ranging from Rp350000.

The price listed above is the price for local travelers. Usually, the price of the service providers already provide shuttle service between the hotel where you stay. Later in the location you will receive a welcome drink, a waterproof bag to protect important items such as cameras, buffet dishes, towels, dressing and bathroom, as well as insurance with coverage up to U.S. $ 50,000.

Tips to Play Rafting

– Before you start playing rafting, you will be pants, jacket, and helmet safety by managers. Always buttoned and tie all the equipment properly.

– After take equipment, by the instructor who will accompany, you will be given an explanation of the basic rafting, how to hold the paddle, how to float technique that plunge into the water, how to hold a dance at the rapids safety while difficult, and a special code that will be used by the instructor who will act as a captain when you’re in action. At that time, the instructor will inform you about the path length and travel time will be spent. Always pay attention to the direction of the instructor.

– During the rafting, be calm. Always listen to every captain command.

– When passing through rapids that spooky or when experiencing waves, feel free to shout it out loud.

– If there are obstacles that make you terrified and then want to pee, just do it. No one knows your pants wet with river water or urine.

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