Playing Jet Ski in Bali

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jet ski baliThis game is no different from using a vehicle with a motorcycle on the ground. Motorcycle run on the pavement, while the jetski played in the water. Same steering control. Even so, this game gives a different sensation to riding a motorcycle on the road. By increasing the speed of a jet ski, you will feel what it’s like swinging when the vehicle crashed into the water ripple waves.

Because velocity jet ski is very great, many vendors do not allow guests to drive a jet ski alone without the presence of an instructor. This is to avoid the risk of an accident between riders jet ski collision with a fishing boat or other water sports player. Usually the instructor will help drive a jet ski from the beach toward the sea. Having been in the safe area, jet ski was submitted to you for you to run at will.

Location and Cost Jet Ski Games in Bali

You can play jet ski in Tanjung Benoa, Sanur Beach, Lovinda, and Beratan Lake is located in Bedugul. You do not need to spend too much money to be able to play jet ski. Your capital will be reduced by about Rp200000 only if you play for 15 minutes. In Lovina, every 15 minutes a game you rent charge of U.S. $ 25.

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