Poya Lisa Island, little heaven which isn’t listed on map

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who same the islands could not be listed inside the map will not be a tourist destination worth a visit ? exotic desert island and far away from the hustle and bustle of town life will easily be a spot where leisure and relaxation excellent. one remote island known as pulau poya lisa.

the island is included within the whole national park in central sulawesi togean which will be taken approximately 10 minutes by motor boat from bomba. though relatively little and is never mentioned within the whole national park space travel map togean however poya lisa island store memorable charm in the guts of each and every person who ever menyambanginya.

most tourists, not to actually mention foreign tourists praise the beauty as to the island following the service and hospitality managers cottage poya lisa. vast expanse of blue ocean and crystal-clear turquoise very a pretty wonderful sight which will end you up in awe.

coral reefs are stunning and natural surrounding offshore islands additionally deserve explored by snorkeling. arriving along at the little island that covers solely 5 acres, the stretch of sand that gleamed sun can greet you. welcome becomes a lot of complete when using the manager hospitality cottage is able to serve the desires of visitors, ranging from food, clean water ( recent ) taken due to nearby island, with a ship tour service, laundry that the price isn’t set.

the island is owned and managed mr. ismail, a registered nurse along at the bomba. yes, the island is privately owned island ! mr ismail manages island along his relatives experienced a dozen years ago.

it’s same that the name in this island was once merely poya island. poya happens to be the name of individual who 1st planted coconut bushes inside the island and at the exact time creating it like the owner as to the island. mr. ismail then get this island due to offspring inherit poya.

per mr. ismail own, name lisa added due to german name the most girl who had return alone, and spent a month inside the island. he asked mr. ismail perpetuate his name during this island paradise then be little isolated nan was known as long poya lisa.

believe me even issued from a distance, right before you set foot with this island, you possibly already fallen in love with all its appeal. friendliness as to the native those who manage 4 pcs cottage with this uninhabited island would additionally be a heart-warming memories. typical ocean food served from the manager as to the cottages have turn into a byword among tourists as a result of its very indulge tongue.

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