cape coast lesung not lose with bali

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potential attractions in cape coast lesung pandeglang, west java, no less engaging to firmly the beach attractions within the space, as well as the beach in bali.

but, to this point a few folks not thus accustomed to, and previous lack of road infrastructure thus supportive. this was revealed by your head of culture and tourism of banten, invites moeslim, in cape dimples, pandeglang, sunday ( 02/12/2012 ).

currently tourists visiting cape dimples continues to improve as a result of of one’s method conjointly already smart. particularly later in the event the special economic zones ( sez ) tourism is already thus will just be additional crowded, owing to the extent of concerning 1, 500 acres that will just be built kek cape dimples, aforementioned take moeslim.

meanwhile, tourism managers tanjung lesung beginning december 1, 2012 bantam presenting ancient arts an example would be rampak drum and whistle for tourists who benefit from the holiday weekend within the sights.

coming from the starting of december 2012 each weekend we show the common arts community banten for tourists. this is a component of your efforts to firmly empower native communities and preserving the art and culture of banten, aforementioned andre massie, manager promoting kalicaa villa cape dimples.

he aforementioned the common arts and culture treats banten is likewise with in effort to improve the attraction of tourists to firmly the cape dimples. the dancers rampak drum and whistle that brought young folks from showing up within the fringe of the coast of cape dimples in front of guests who were enjoying maklan night in front the most beachside restaurant within the tourist sites.

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