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Karlovy_Vary,_Thermal,_vlajkyAccommodation for tourists now have increased, not solely hotels, hostels, airbnb, or couchsurfing. there’s another additional recent innovation of accommodation, together with hotels will be which might be taken anywhere.

Greet hotello, a portable hotel rooms will be which might be taken anywhere by tourists. hotello designed by an italian architect, antonio scarponi.

Though it may be taken anywhere, it not mean the hotel is more or less comfortable. hotello uses a bed, desk, lamp, and curtains for privacy. the extent of four square meters, enough out to placed in a significant red suitcase.

With hotello, you’ll be able to sleep anywhere ; empty area, warehouses, military barracks, anywhere !, scarponi same, as quoted by cnn, on thursday. hotello give all the components required specifically for your own personal work and rest, he added.

Nowadays, hotello still in the planning stage. this portable hotel will surely be featured in the planning event fuori salone 2013 in milan on april 9, 2013.

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