Padang Bai harbor

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Diving_safety_stopPadang Bai is located in Midrand, about 53 kilometers from Denpasar or approximately 30 kilometers from Amlapura. From Kuta, can be reached by car in about 3 hours. This region is the region between the cruise port that connects the island to the island of Lombok. Here the landing place of the tourists who visited Bali using cruise ships.

Location Padang Bai is located on the road to Klngkung Karangasem, turn right. In Padang Bai and now there are several specialty restaurants for tourists to enjoy a holiday there, as well as the tourists who are going or coming from Lombok. Here also available traditional boats and small motor boats for hire to enjoy the water. On the side of the parking area, souvenir shops with merchandise sellers were quite interesting. For the purpose of crossing to Lombok available ferries that operate four times a day.

What’s interesting about this attraction is a form of protected bays rock solid black, so it remains safe underwater life. In the eastern part of Padang Bai Beach pasri with clean white color and thick texture. Padang Bai beach fun enough for swimming or sunbathing. Ornamental fish swimming among the coral, interesting to be enjoyed by diving or snorkeling.

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