New Extreme Water Sports for High Adrenaline

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Diving among the sharks, jet skiing, white water rafting, and wakeboarding aren’t extreme enough for some people. These thrill seekers always try to find new ways to get their adrenaline pumping in the water. Quoted from C’nS Magazine check out this article to find out the latest extreme water sports

Underwater Boarding

If you think riding the waves on a boogie board – popularly known as body boarding- is heart racing, then you haven’t stumbled upon this latest trend in water sports : underwater boarding. Mix body boarding and snorkeling, and you get underwater boarding. Using a special board that can be used both above and below the surface, you can enjoy the underwater landscape while getting your fix of adrenaline rush.
The special board used in this water sports is almost the size of boogie board with extended wings on each side. While body boarding depends on the riders to navigate themselves in water, underwater boarding uses a boat to tow the board at 8-10 mph. The riders can dive and perform tricks with effortless movements. These underwater buffs must equip themselves with life jackets and snorkels to see the life beneath the water in a new way.

Sit-Down Hydrofoil

Sit-down hydrofoil is not exactly a new sport. But since it was first performed in the 1980s, this pulse-racing activity has envolved so much that it isn’t clear who has developed it to the form it is today. This particular sports uses a hydrofoil, a piece of metal with a special shape that can lift the board off water, and a towboat to pull the rider. Instead of directly riding the waves like in water skiing and wakeboarding, a rider is strapped to a board attached to the hydrofoil. The thrill in this water sports is in the way the rider must keep himself afloat by balancing his body on the board. Even the smalles move can send the board careening uncontrollably. Once a rider gets the hang of it, he will feel the unique sensation of riding above water.


Long before underwater boarding stole the show, skurfing already attracted avid fans of water sports. The term skurfing was invented by a New Zealand surfer, Allan bryne. Skurfing is a combination of surfing and water skiing. The principle is quite the sam as in water skiing is the rider holds a rope which is pulled by a towboat above the surface. The difference between skrufing and water skiing is in the board. In water skiing, the riders use two flat and narrow board strapped to their feet, whereas in skurfing. the riders only use a shortened version of a surfboard. Although it seems a bit difficult for beginners, skurfing is definitely worth trying.


Kiteboarding or kitesurfing combines wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and paragliding. It uses the power of the wind to pull the rider across the water and to float the surfboard on water.
The size of the kite is quiter similar to the one employed in paragliding, so the rider needs to control the wind or will be taken with it. Kiteboarding is quite tricky but once a rider knows how to use the wind to his advantage, he will find himself addicted to it.

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