Situ Gunung A Beauty of Manmade Lakes in Sukabumi

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About a two-hour drive from the hubbub of jakarta is a beautiful and peace inspiring lake. Its tranquil environment and wonderful scenery are soothing for the eyes and the soul. Surprisingly, this breathtaking lake is manmade. quoted from C’nS magazine here may be an alternative mount your sights on the weekend.

The History of Situ Gunung

In the colonial period around 1800. Rangga Jagad Syhadana or Mbah Jalun, a nobleman from the Mataram Kingdom, escaped from the Dutch and became a fugitive. Along the way, in Kuningan, West Java, at one of his stops, he got married. Together with his wife, he continued this journey to Cianjur. They took a rest at the foothills of Gunung Pangrango in Sukabumi and decided to live there. After his wife delivered a baby son named Rangga Jaka Lulunta, Mbah Jalun dug a lake to thank God. The lake is called Situ Gunung.

Where is Situ Gunung located ?

Situ Gunung is located in Pangrango National Park, Kecamatan Kadu Dampit, Sukabumi. It’s within walking distance from the park’s gate. There are no lights on the road, so you’d better arrive before dark. Morning seems the best time to arrive in this area since you are enjoy the fresh air and the greeneries. If you are lucky, you can see black monkeys, owa, and other endangered animals.

There are loads of interesting things you can do in Situ Gunung and its vicinity, if you can fancy photography, this man-made lake is really photogenic, especially in the morning. Capture its beauty from different angles, for every angle is picturesque. Besides Situ Gunung scenery, the sight of people enjoying the lake’s beauty from a raft or people fishing are some of the objects you can capture. Bird watching is also good idea. Many beautiful birds can be seen, especially in the morning or before twilight. if you are fond of trekking, Curug Sawer – one of the waterfalls there – is a must-visit place. Its cool, crystal clear water is too good to miss. Want to get close to the local culture ? Visit Cikaramat Village. Making rattan bracelets and brown sugar are some of the things you can learn here while enjoying the view and socializing with villagers. You can also try drinking fresh water from the spring. It’s perfect thirst quencher.

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