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We have been familiar with commuting on the bus and train. How about the means of transportation below ? Quoted from C’nS Magazine here are some unique transportation in the world. Dare to try them ?

Toboggan Ride in Portugal

This ride is something you must try if you happen to visit Madeira Island,Portugal. The toboggan was first created in the early 19th century as the public transportation from monte (a Portuguese word for mountain) to Funchal (the capital city of Madeira). it is a basket cart driven by two men (carreiras). The passengers sit in the cart while the carreiras push it down the hill.

Dog Shled in Artic

Riding a sled pulled by horses may not sound so strange. How about riding a sled pulled by dogs ? In countries where snow is heavy, certain dogs, such as Siberian huskies and Canadian Inuit dogs, are employed to pull sleds. People have depended on this mode of transportation since thousands of years ago. Archaelogical diggings in Canada have revealed that sled dogs have existed since AD 1000. Although the popularity of sled dogs has been overshadowed by the presence of snowmobiles, people still us them, especially in areas such as Denali National Park, Alaska, where motorized vehicles are forbidden.

Wuppertal Schwebebahn in Germany

For people in Wuppertal, Germany, taking a commuter train isn’t so different from taking a rollercoaster. Wuppertal Schwebebahn is a floating tram, suspended 12 meters above the Wupper River. it crosses the distance of 13,3 km and allows the passengers to enjoy the bustling view of the city and the river. Built in 1897, the Wuppertal floating tram is the oldest elevated railway in the world. it has been through several reconstructions due to safety reasons. Recently the tram carries up to 82,000 people per day.

DUKW in United Kingdom

The DUKW is an amphibious truck. Designed by the US military in World War II, The DUKW was originally intended to carry military equipment and troops over land and water. Nowadays, the DUKW is only used to attract tourists in harbors and river cities such as in London. On the trip famously known as Duck Tours. DUKW will drive tourists to some London attractions such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and London Eye, before getting into the water to let tourists enjoy the view of the Thames River

Reed Boat in Peru

On the border of Peru and Bolivia lies Lake Titicaca. it’s the home of the Uros, the native people of Peru who have lived on the take long before incan civilization began. The Uros use bundles of reeds not only to make boats, but also to make islands where they live. Totora, the boats made of reeds, are used for transportation. The boats usually have the shape of a dragon, which according to the belief of the Uros, can keep evil spirits away.

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