Living in New Zealand Campervan, Moslem Traveller Tips

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cheap new zealand campervan rental for travel touristIn the summer, New Zealand street are crowded by campervan, mostly rented by foreign tourists for a few weeks to get around New Zealand and stay in camp or resting place. Although its suitable for two people, a small campervan can still be used families with one child. In it there is a small kitchen. Even large campervan can accommodate four people or more, and there is a shower and toilet. Generally there is a minimum rental for campervan, usually 5 days. Additional equipment such as picnic chairs, camping equipment and tents provided for free or rent at a low price. To drive a campervan you don’t need a special driver license.

Campervan Rental in New Zealand

Rental costs also vary. Medium to large campervan hire for 3 weeks are usually charged a fee of about 200 to 350 NZD per day during the holiday season. The price is certainly cheaper if booked a few months before and after the holiday season, and will be very cheap in the winter. Small campervan rental price around 95 NZD to 65 NZD summer and winter. Two of the largest campervan rental company in New Zealand is Britz, Adventure, Apollo, Mighty Campers, Freedom Campers, Kea Campers, Jucy, Escape, Kiwi Kombis, Ezy, Wicked Campers, spaceships and Maui. The advantage for driving a campervan is travelers can rest for free at the resort. Although there are some places that prohibit overnight parking, there are still many places that can be a resting place for the night. But remember to always keep clean and don’t leave litter. Campervan camping location guide use can be seen in

How to find kosher food in New Zealand

don’t be afraid of trouble finding kosher food in New Zealand. In this country there are quite a lot of restaurants serving halal food. In big cities like Wellington and Auckland, there are many Indian restaurants, Malaysia, and kebab stands. Not all small town does have a restaurant like that, but there are other options to buy kosher groceries from local stores or supermarkets. One of the places to eat with a franchise system that serves halal food is Nando’s. This fast food restaurant offers a variety of chicken-based menu blended with typical portuguese spices. Although spicy, spicy flavor comes from the sauce has several levels. Nando’s thinking about a lot of branches in several major cities. i-Site visitor center can provide recommendations if travelers need information about kosher food. However, if you’re traveling to a small town, you better prepare the food from home, such as instant noodles, to anticipate the lack of eating places serving halal food. Depending on the type and location, the restaurant in New Zealand are usually open at 12 noon for lunch and 6 pm for dinner. Most restaurants close at 10pm.

Travel Activities Preparation Tips in New Zealand

To follow the tourist activity in New Zealand, visitors usually don’t need special equipment to prepare from home because everything is prepared operator. However, there are some supplies that you should be prepared so that you are comfortable while doing tourist activities, especially if you are outdoors. The equipment like cloak. Although not winter, sometimes the location of mountains in New Zealand is quite windy, even in some of the mountains are always covered by ice throughout the year so that tourists need to wear a jacket to keep you warm. Sports shoes. If planning to do hiking, Prepare special shoes for hiking. Several hiking trails fairly easy, although there is also a fairly long and difficult to cross. So use the appropriate pedestal to keep feet protected and comfortable.

Thermal shirts and pants that are useful during the winter to make the body stay warm. Gloves, socks, beanie and scarf is the attribute that is very important especially during the winter and if visiting the windy mountain area. Bring a raincoat if you have plan do a lot of outdoor activities. Trousers made from lightweight and dry quickly which is useful if you travel far enough, you should not use jeans because the material is less convenient for this activity. In addition, if the material pants wet jeans will feel heavy and don’t dry quickly. Use drybag when going to plan on doing activities that make you wetness, prepare drybag to store personal items that want to remain taken during activities such as cameras and mobile phones.

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