The Best Time to Visit New Zealand in Winter

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new zealand in winterThe most interesting thing when traveling when winter in New Zealand, particularly in the South Island tends to view the full snow. Contour of the land is hilly and mountainous Southern Alps makes snow fall unevenly so the view isn’t just a boring white snow. In some parts of the mountains, the snow just visible at the top, making the mountain looks like Mount Fuji in Japan. While in the section filled with trees, sometimes there is snow perched on twigs and foliage, making the landscape looks bleak winter wonderland. In addition, only the cold season tourists can try skiing because usually ski park is only open for 3 months each year between June to August.

Due to the winter weather makes the body shiver enough, not too many tourists who traveled at that time. Most tend to be quiet tourist sport. Travelers can enjoy the view in peace. If you want to take pictures don’t have to rush or take turns in front of the object. No long lines when purchasing tickets or enjoy the attractions. And, for traveller who was using a campervan and need a place to camp every night, usually deserted camping spot. Indeed, if there are other people who camped in the same area, you have a friend to talk or feel a little safer because it isn’t alone. However, if it is too crowded, the condition also becomes less comfortable having to camp too close together so it is sometimes difficult to sleep due to too noisy.

Of course there is no perfect trip, there must be a part that isn’t fun. Initially you may think not used to the cold, so sometimes to get out of the car and walking in windy weather which is very unpleasant. However, it turns out the local people also often grumble when the cold weather. Average temperatures in the South Island around minus 4 degrees Celsius, can even reach the lowest temperature around 10 degrees Celsius. Actually, that makes it cool isn’t snow, but the wind. Often tourists walk because it is very cold shivering. Because of the cold weather, many activities that are less convenient to do. New Zealand as a favorite place for adrenaline junkies serve some interesting activities like parasailing, bungee jumping, skydiving, Jetboating, rafting, and much more. It isn’t impossible to do, please if you actually want to do it all. However, perhaps when plunged into a river or lake, the body will feel like being stabbed by the cold because the water temperature is below freezing almost.

Even sometimes sputter due to cold weather. Still, local residents have to perform every day activities. So, what’s their secret to beat the cold. Apparently, the most important thing is to keep the body to keep warm by using layered clothing. Not only 2 layers, if necessary sometimes when the weather forecast news showed, residents are encouraged to wear clothing to 4 layers. Another important part is the legs. Wear thick socks so that the foot is always maintained warm especially if you want to walk above ice. Late campervan travelers unexpectedly going to a place that requires a lot of snow to spend the night in the camping ground is covered with thick snow. Turns out overnight in the snow isn’t too cold. There were other nights, though not always but much colder due to the wind.

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