Mount Batur and Lake, Best View in Bali

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Lake_Batur,_BaliMount Batur

Mountain with an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level this is a volcano that is still active today. Mount Batur erupted frequently. Since 1804, Mount Batur has erupted 26 times.

Located in the northwest of Mount Agung, the mountain has a caldera measuring 13.8 x 10 km caldera and is one the largest and most beautiful in the world. With high caldera between 1267 meters to 2152 meters. In the first caldera caldera formed both of which have a circular shape with a diameter of approximately seven kilometers.

To arrive to this mountain region takes approximately 1 hour drive from Denpasar. During the trip, you will be presented with stunning views of Batur Lake is located at the foot of the mountain. Ascent to Mount Batur promising charms are stunning when you arrive at the summit before sunrise. At that time, you will see the natural beauty of Bali are watered in the morning light.

Access road to Mount Batur is very good so it is easy to reach by any vehicle. Public transportation is available, but with a little amount. Unless you really want to enjoy the adventure you’d better bring a personal vehicle while visiting the region.

Batur Lake

The lake is located at the foot of Mount Batur and is believed to be an ancient caldera. Giant caldera or crater was allegedly caused by the massive eruption of Mount Batur thousands of years ago. It is now flooded caldera that is the source of water from large areas of farmland in Bali. Water from the lake flows into virtually all major rivers in Bali like Unda River, River Sunni, and Banyumala. Of the river waters of Batur Lake and then divided by the specific rules called subak.

On the edge of this Batur Lake temple stands as a place of worship Goddess Danu, the manifestation of God in the function as the patron goddess of agriculture.

Charm of Batur Lake course on a beautiful landscape. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the best place is in the area Panelokan to Kintamani. From the edge of the highway pavement in Bangli towards Singaraja, you can see the expanse of the lake with blue water with soft solid figure towering Mount Batur and Mount Abang lush green.

Access road to Batur Lake at the road to Mt Batur. To reach the lake, located about 75 kilometers from Denpasar, it should bring a personal vehicle. Because public transportation here is very terbatars, if you leave Kuta, your journey can be completed in two hours.

Accommodation and Facilities in Batur

If you want to stay, there are several hotels in Kintamani. Cheapest prices ranging from Rp 200,000 to the most expensive Rp650.000 per night. There are also many restaurants in the region. Several restaurants are located in Penelokan best point to enjoy views of Batur Lake, usually put higher tariffs for their dishes. Do not pout if food bill shows prices draining you wallet, you’re right other than buy food also bought the atmosphere.

Tip Travelling in Batur
– Views of Mount and Batur Lake looks very beautiful from Penelokan. But it will not appear when the weather is foggy. Never too late to come here.
– Sellers of souvenirs are very aggressive here. Try to avoid sympathetic manner. If not interested, do not have to bidding. Traders will continue to pursue you like someone who is getting a debt.
– Always set up the camera in a full battery condition. Do not be sorry for failing to take photos with a beautiful backdrop for the battery runs out.
– It is better to visit Mount and Batur Lake in the dry season on time in October until April. This will make lakeside activities available and can be enjoyed. In the rainy season, the view will be obstructed by the fog.

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