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Namhansanseong_SouthIn south korea, traveling photographers have favorite locations like the object with the photos. highest snowcapped mountain began to actually see the beauty of one’s hill exactly where the city. when traveling, photographers are travelers who utilize a high sensitivity when it comes towards the beauty the most place. they’re able to see a hidden beauty, that most individuals don’t realize it. across the images they’re, the general public came to actually grasp the beauty of one’s locations of one’s remote location.

Within the whole finish, this places eventually became a fashionable tourist spot within the whole country. in south korea, there will be several locations that to be a favorite of photographers traveling. they’ll be accustomed persistently to actually these places in order to get a distinct picture results. in spite of this, everything would result in one that means, beauty. well, here are a couple of locations that became the idol of one’s traveling photographer.

Namhansanseong Fortress

Namhansanseong fortress by the mountain namhan that would be located within the whole suburbs of seoul. fort or a built 2, 000 years ago possesses a 12km long therefore it became one of one’s biggest fortress that protects seoul. currently, namhansan seong fortress became one hiking lover tourist destination. not just gorgeous fortress photography lovers, namahansaseong provincial park that houses the fort namhansanseong conjointly possesses a stunning field throughout the entire year. throughout the autumn, a number of those who are interested up towards the high of one’s mountain to actually watch the plain-covered red leaves. therefore, no wonder that throughout the entire year are conjointly several who are wanting to actually see a pretty face not the same as this park.


A height of 338 meters, inwangsan happens to be the best spot for their see the sights of seoul town. it’s located behind gyeongbukgung palace and also the blue house ( south korean presidential residence ). it took a number of hours in order to get up to actually inwangsan, however the field will just be paid off with all the fatigue taken in order to get there.

Mount on inwangsan together with the cleansed from the koreans. they actually assume that one of one’s rocks in there similar to actually sanshin or mountain of god. not surprisingly, everybody possesses a dream that her window faces directly directly into mountain.

Seongsan Ilchungbong

You wish the very best sunrise ritual in korea, go to firmly seongsan ilchungbong. ilchungbong that means that sunrise peak may be a well liked location in korea to firmly see the sunrise. before sunrise, several photographers the globe scramble to find the very best read spot here. this volcanic crater concerning 5, 000 years previous, located on jeju island, with several distinctive products of rocks. surrounded by beaches, seongsan ilchungbong is arguably one on your sites as being visited if you’re in south korea.


Still, jeju island, yongduam become enticing location as a result of on your composition on your rock that appears such as a dragon head. photos will best here barely before dusk, in the event the silhouette dragons head shot arrows mountain gods for stealing pearls from mount halla.

There’s another story that says if there’s a white horse who dreams of changing into a dragon. the horse rose straight into the sky, other then was eventually captured and frozen in stone. no matter the legend, that certainly anyone here travelers will benefit from the dragons head whereas relaxing lined up there.

Halla Mountain

Mount halla or hallasan has got a large amount of charm for photography enthusiasts. 1st, the best mountain in south korea ( 2, 000 meters ), the territory has 3 distinct climates. the peak cold climates, the middle on your climate is moderate, whereas the space beneath subtropical climates. when winter cold, snow-covered space below the fog that blanketed the mountain is that the best scenery that often is perpetuated. not to firmly mention, there’s a lake upon the peak.

Additionally, hallasan, which is certainly located on jeju island, conjointly has got the oldest buddhist temple within the island. the temple was built within the era on your goryeo dynasty was destroyed, other then the built monument to firmly the victims on your uprising on jeju for the finish of 1940. therefore, barely imagine, how wonderful perpetuating a temple and monument along with the highest snowy mountain backdrop.

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