Meet Barong Dance at Batubulan

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Barong_dance_batubulan_(12)Initially, the village is famous as a Batubulan agrarian village which has many artists who have activities in dance and carving. However, later the village became very famous as a tourist attraction with the barong dance treats. Barong performances here do every day and became famous for presenting attractions dagger dance where the dancers thrust a dagger into the chest or other parts of their body. You can see up close how the spiky iron did not hurt much less able to penetrate their bodies. Though the object stabbed very hard. You can actually see how the curved dagger when dihujamkan.

Batubulan sits astride denpasar – gianyar along the 15 kilometers from Kuta. Very accessible with any vehicle. Barong dance performance starts at 09.30. if you want to watch, you have been away from Kuta at 08.00.

In addition barong attraction, along the main road there is a row Batubulan art store that sells statues of stone, marble, and padas. In this village there are shops for souvenirs center with cheap price.

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