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money_Monetaria_annulus_an_EuroAlthough incorporated into the European Union, Denmark and Sweden does not use the euro, but still using the currency of the country. Meanwhile, Norway did not join the European Union, but incorporated into the EFTA. The currency used in Scandinavia is Krona, tailored to each country. Sweden uses or SEK Swedish Krona, Danish Krona Danish use or DKK, while Norway uses abbreviated NOK Norwegian Krone.

Scandinavian economy is more stable because it uses the nation’s currency. At the time of the global financial crisis hit the world, Scandinavia can escape easily because they do not use the euro. Scandinavian currencies is among the most stable in the world so that the exchange rate is quite stable.

Quite difficult to get krona in certain countries. If it can successfully krona before leaving, you should bring the krona from the country of origin because the price is quite competitive and we do not charge other. But if you can not afford, just bring in dollars or euros for exchange in the country of destination. In Norway and Sweden, the exchange can be done in a place called Exchange or Forex.

Just info, change money in Norway and Sweden we have to deal with low exchange rates and expensive fees. In Stockholm tourists can be charged 40SEK and 45NOK in Oslo every exchange transactions using the euro.

Swapping Tips Money in Scandinavia

To get more efficient, calculate the estimated cost of living for all in Scandinavia and currency exchange euro to dollar or local currency in one transaction. You will lose more money if too often go to the money changer.

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