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Sunset_at_the_beach,_Gotland,_SwedenHere are some welds that will make us fall in love and decide must to Sweden.

Home of Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel was a chemist, innovator, and engineer of Sweden. Nobel Alfred father, Immanuel Nobel, who was also an inventor and engineer sent Alfred abroad to be a chemical engineer. In Paris, Alfred met Ascanio Sobrero who invented nitroglycerine, but it is too dangerous to use. Alfred very interested in nitroglycerine and trying to develop. Completion of studies, Alfred working with his father to develop nitroglycerine as an explosive technologies that are commercially and technically useful.

In 1866 Alfred found that finely ground mixture of nitroglycerin with kieselguhr would make the liquid turns into a paste and can be inserted into the shaft. The discovery of dynamite and patented in next year. Dynamite when it is used to help the development process.

Alfred then open a dynamite factory in 90 different places. Dynamite and other innovation make Alfred became rich and famous. However, Alfred did not want to be remembered as someone who has created a number of ways to kill more people faster than ever. Alfred was disappointed that dynamite be used for purposes of war and feel guilty for it. Alfred died and bequeathed 94 % of his wealth to those who have made humanitarian efforts in the field of physics, literature, chemistry, peace, and physiology or medicine.

At December 10, 1901, the Nobel Foundation in charge of financial management and administration in accordance with the Nobel Prize will laureate provide the first Nobel prize award to Jean Henry Dunant of Switzerland who founded the International Red Cross Committee. Now the Nobel award ceremony held every December 10 in Stockholm City Hall, Sweden. Especially for the Nobel Peace Prize held in Oslo City Hall, Norway.

Major Industrial Technology in World

Talking about Sweden there are a few things that immediately comes to mind, ranging from a Volvo, Ericsson, Electrolux, IKEA, ABBA, to the typical herring. Sweden is like domestic products and they are proud to use it. Swedish society faithfully using Ericsson or Nokia phone. In many places in Scandinavia must have sounded distinctive ringtone of the two brands.

It all started in 1739 when The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was founded. Many industries are established by the pioneer of the era still stands today and is known internationally. Besides Lars Magnum Ericsson used as the name of one of the trademarks of mobile technology in the world, there is also the name of Erik Wallenberg who developed the Tetra Pack as discoveries in the field of liquid food packaging materials. Swedish investors hold a total of 33,523 patents in the U.S. in 2007.

According to The United States Patent and Trademark Office there are only ten other countries that have more patents than Sweden. With so many domestic products that are well known in the world, it is no wonder that people so love the Swedish -made products in the country.


Interest in the fashion industry is huge in Sweden. No wonder this country became the center of a number of top brands, such as J. Lindeberg ( JL ), Gina Tricot, Acne, Hennes & Mauritz ( H & M ), Tiger of Sweden, Lindex, Gant, Cheap Monday, and others. Swedish society renowned stylish than the other Scandinavian countries. Look up from head to toe it mandatory for them. Moreover, during the summer, in the city streets will become an arena catwalk to show off your skin and wear skimpy outfits exist.


Not only advanced in the field of industry, Sweden also became the third largest music exporter in 2007 after the UK and U.S.. The first music group ABBA became internationally known. After ABBA, Swedish music industry into a new era when the local pop music gained international recognition through the group, such as Ace of Base, Roxette, The Cardigans, The Hives, Europe, and others. Swedish music scene in a very alive and dynamic. In fact, every year Stockholm held Stockholm Jazz Festival as one of the main events in the summer.

Literature and Film

Sweden also has a prominent writer, call Astrid Lindgren who wrote Pippi Longstocking. This book has been created for the film and television series and translated into 64 languages ​​. Then, in 2008, became a writer Stieg Larsson with the second highest sales in the world with the Millennium Trilogy books. The book that has bewitched many readers through a typical Swedish thriller films that have been made ​​by Hollywood.

Not a few tourists who come to Sweden for the two books. Most of the lovers of Pippi Longstocking Pippi would like to see the home straight, Knights Inn- used in films or TV series. In addition, tourists visiting Junibacken, a museum and theater dedicated to children Astrid Lindgren.

For lovers can feel the Millenium Trilogy Trilogy Millennium Walking Tour. The tour includes seeing the house Stieg Larsson, residential and office Mikael Blomkvist, 7 – Eleven Lisbeth Salander usual shopping places, and some other central places, whether real or fictional, who is mentioned in the book.

Stieg Larsson Stockholm illustrates well through the Millennium Trilogy that this book be a new kind of guidebook to Sweden and encourage more people to visit and feel personally Stockholm. It makes you wonder, if only Stieg Larsson was still alive, he’d probably figure crowned by the Government Stockholm tourism.

Past and Modern Alloys

Sweden has a lot of historic buildings and museums are still well groomed. All the buildings looked old and classic, but it has historical value. Yellow, terracotta, vanilla, orange and red, dominate almost all buildings. Carving sculptures and flower arrangements can easily distinguish between the old and new buildings. All look the same old, very beautiful and high historical value.

Funny, beautiful building that I think of heritage buildings or perhaps an old church turned out to a pub or office. Antic buildings of historical value that I think turned out to just Office. Although some buildings have turned into a restaurant, mall, or shopping, the Swedish government retains the original shape of the old building and not allowed to participate eroded the times. A little awkward, for tourists clubbing in the antic building or eat at fast food restaurants with classic accent. but all still fun.

Many tourists are content to enjoy the city tour in this country. Presented as far as the eye can see beautiful views of the city, with a unique blend of old and modern buildings, it is possible to walk in a shopping mall located in the city center. Or, stop by the historic buildings while enjoying views of the sea which divides the city, parks, protected forests, beautiful landscapes and a number of modern buildings with classical architecture.

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