The Expensive Cost in Scandinavian Living

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RutebilnarvesenIt’s no secret that the Scandinavian countries are included in the ranks of expensive. So what makes the cost of living in this country is very expensive ? Scandinavian countries are adherents of the welfare state. The concept of the welfare state is the government plays an important role to protect and improve the socio-economic conditions of the citizens based on the principle of equal opportunities, equitable spread of welfare, and public responsibility for the poor citizens that it can not achieve a decent life. Or it could be called a nation that guarantees welfare of the citizens through the social security system, which is high, either through subsidized education, health care, and unemployment benefits.

The hallmark of the welfare state is the high taxation imposed on citizens. Tax payments can even reach half of the income every month. Of taxes that the welfare state can be run and implemented.

Scandinavians was in the top of Corruption Perceptions Index created by Transparency International, it means that the level of corruption in Scandinavia is very low or almost non-existent. All taxes collected by the state will be returned to the citizens in the form of social security system. Conditions that make people willing to pay a high tax Scandinavian because they got a comfortable range of public facilities and various benefits in return.

Scandinavian levels of per capita income can be considerably higher when compared to other industrial countries dominate European economic power. Norway was ranked the third richest country in the world rely on the resources of oil and natural gas are abundant as economic support. Cultivation of salmon and herring for export as well as fish exporter make Norway the second largest after China. Just like Norway, Sweden rely on the natural resources sector as a source of state revenue. However, the reality is more famous Swedish brand technology outcomes, such as Volvo or Ericsson, in the international market. People income per capita is positively correlated with a high standard of living . In addition, the purchasing power of the Scandinavians are so high that all prices in this country seem expensive for foreigners.

All the things mentioned above to make a statement Scandinavia is an expensive country to be quite reasonable. Daily living costs in Scandinavia are very expensive, especially for the budget traveler. The fact it can make it difficult for foreign tourists itinerary towards Scandinavian design. Total estimated costs were often out of budget.

For example, the price of the cheapest room dormitory class without breakfast in the hostel around Oslo around 250NOK. Prices in Stockholm are still more friendly although can not be called cheap. Some hostels there can be rented with 300SEK capital.

Norwegian people’s purchasing power is higher than Swedish society so that the average price in Norway 40 % higher compared to Sweden. NOK exchange rates also stronger than SEK exchange rate, automatic cost of living in Norway is getting soar. Cost of living is expensive in Sweden do not feel when tourists traveled in Norway.

The cost of transportation in the city will not break the bank if we have a pretty good itinerary. In Oslo, ticket prices can reach 40NOK bus each way. Costs will be very draining if every bus ride to spend that much money. In order to save costs, more tourists often rely on the foot to explore the city. Between locations and tourist attractions close enough to be within walking distance still normal. If the tourist sites spread and should use transportation in the city, tourists can use daily card with a cheaper ticket prices. With the card we could go anywhere in Oslo for a full day.

Price of a piece of waffle, muffin, or a slice of pizza at the 7-Eleven Norway ranging from 20NOK. Bottled water is also the least expensive priced at about 15NOK. Usually 7-Eleven and Narvesen sell food and beverages packages, such as buy three waffles at around 45NOK or a cup of coffee and a piece of waffle sold about 31NOK. If the count is less expensive. Direct potable fresh water is also available in a variety of places.

Norwegia stalls selling food on the lunch menu ranging from 100NOK. Usually cheap food like sushi, Palestinian cuisine, Indian cuisine, kebabs, or Thai cuisine. Traditional Norwegian food is usually more expensive and available only in upscale restaurants or cafes with prices ranging from 200NOK. In Sweden more easily find cheap food. Sushi restaurants or kebab at more affordable prices are easy to find in Sweden. In addition, traders kebabs, burgers, and hotdogs many selling food along the way, they provide cheap dining options are more varied.

In addition to the price of accommodation and transport are expensive, the cost is also quite a tourist in the city drain bag. It feels a bit not willing to pay more to be able to enjoy the museum and enjoy the sights. Humans do tend creative in times of crisis. To reduce the cost usually backpackers are always looking for a free tourist attraction.

Almost all museums in Scandinavia charge a fee which is not cheap, but there are some who can enter for free. After all, not all museums should be visited. Select only museum are the main objectives of the country and adjust to personal taste. Will not feel loss and weight in the bag if spending money on something that we liked. Like if you liked the story of Viking. Then you can visit the Vasa Museet in Stockholmm to see firsthand Viking ship ever sunk in the past. If you tend to feel like history and want to be in medieval Scandinavia. You should visit the Skansen open-air museum displaying the various buildings of the past complete with passers-by using traditional attire.

If you are observant, the true purpose of it lies in Scandinavia and the outdoors can be enjoyed free unlimited, such as natural scenery, friendly locals, tour the city, the air is fresh, local culture and city life dynamics. To enjoy it all free of charge.

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