Karl Johans Gate, Free Tourist Attractions in Oslo

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Karl_Johans_gate_OsloOslo’s main street name is taken from the name of King Karl Johan who once served as the King of Sweden and Norway. By Swedish and Norwegian was never merged into one country before finally separated the two countries and build the kingdom. Karl Johans Gate connecting the central and several historic buildings in Oslo, such as Oslo Cathedral, Norwegian Royal Palace, and the Parliament of Norway.

Karl Johans Gate area looks so neat and expensive. Buildings with modern architecture seen dominated the city landscape. Although some of the old European-style buildings can still be found in some places. Expensive restaurants and boutiques known as competing for customers, there are no food vendors with any open stall in the street.

Some street artists visible in some places. They sang happy song to entertain some traveller mood because of overcast Oslo. Blend of old and modern architecture is quite thick in Karl Johans Gate. Arrangement of buildings is quite bad and a bit screwed up city sky line members the impression that Oslo is a modern city. Park and public square were scattered around Karl Johans Gate to Oslo where people enjoy their leisure time. Every public square is decorated by statues and fountains, make anyone feel at home spend a long time here. No wonder that Karl Johans Gate is often used as a meeting point society Oslo.

No human voice in Karl Johans Gate today. Oslo seemed busy with community activities, going to and fro like a deadline. I was never able to keep up a fast and long they see themselves. It is said that the way it goes as fast as it can increase body temperature and expel cold. No wonder many tourists are always cold, it looks like they are running too slow.

Posh boutiques lining in the Karl Johans Gate will usually call the tourists to visit. Variety of well-known brands such as Vero Moda, Zara, and Mango seducing passersby with offers summer discounts. Surely you are curious, how much is a shirt with a famous brand which is famous as the city of Oslo is expensive. It turns out though already discounted, the average price of clothes here still revolves 299 NOK.

A friend who lives in Oslo mention one important fact why Norwegian women can not use high heels. If you observe shoes worn by women who pass through Karl Johans Gate is very common for women that pass by wearing high heels. Usually they wear flat shoes, boots, or sneakers.

Norway is famous for the people who love nature and thirst for adventure in the wild. Norway is not strange that women are more familiar with mountaineering boots than high heels. Usually high heels can only exist if the Norwegian women want to go to a party on the weekend.

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