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Slottet_-_vaktskifte_2Oslo Royal palace located on the street Karl Johans Gate, and strategic position located in downtown Oslo. Rectangular building palaces with vast yard. There is no limit palace gates to the outside environment, only a few guards who swiftly warn visitors if glue pretext intemperate palace. Right and left side of the palace is filled with trees, while the main page of the palace was left empty without plants.

From the front yard of the Royal Palace, you can see the road that stretches Karl Johans Gate. Since there are no shade trees, the air feels hotter and you need to use sunglasses to block the sun. Oslo Royal Palace is never empty of tourists not only because of the building or the dazzling palace guard changing attraction which takes place every day, but also because of the attraction of the palace guards with fur hats covering their faces.

If you have the intention to explore Oslo Royal Palace, is not wrong to try Guided tour of the Royal Palace. Tourist attractions are only available during the summer and all visitors must follow the guided tours are available. Tour Guide will take visitors to several rooms in the Royal Palace, such as The Palace Chapel, Banqueting Hall, Great Hall, Small Ceremonial Hall, Family Dining Room, Mirror Hall, Bird Room, Upper Vestibule, King Haakon VII Suite, White Parlour, Council Chamber, Parlour Cabinet, and Cabinet cloackroom. If you see a lot of room inside the palace can be visited, the tour price of 95 NOK will feel quite pleasant.

Main destination for tourists coming to Oslo Royal Palace is seeing changing guard attractions. Honey also when it comes to a country with a constitutional monarchy system of government, but did not get to see the attraction of changing guard.

On the day the sky is quite bright in Oslo, Oslo shades of blue decorate the Royal Palace. 13.30 noon approached, the visitors began to crowded and untidy starting lineup. Several off-duty officer finally came out to tidy sequence visitors. Exactly at 13:30, when the clock goes off in Oslo City Hall, a few keepers out of a house on the edge of the palace and form a line.

Then, from the opposite side of the palace guards come with three rows perpendicular line up formations. After arriving in front of the first row of guards, they transform into a line formation.

Then stand still while waiting for further instructions. When at Oslo City Hall rang again, the guards broke formation, someone has entered the house by the side of the palace dank e mail them. Possible changing of the guard in Oslo attractions are less appealing, in contrast with the guard changing ceremony enlivened by a marching band in Stockholm.

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