Singsing Waterfalls

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waterfall_bali_indonesiaCharm of attraction is of course the beautiful natural scenery and shade. Raging waterfall brings romantic atmosphere. Moreover, while accompanied by the strains of the flute or singing voice with guitar.

This waterfall is not always carry water with rapids. In the summer, the volume decreases relative waterfall. Still, this waterfall deploy exceptional charm.

The road to the waterfall hike is a bit of an exciting path for trekking. The location is not far from Lovina area, making it a sort of attraction bonus for travelers who come far to Lovina Beach.

Not far from Niagara Singsing, there is a monument netherlands. This monument was built by the Dutch colonial government to commemorate the Dutch officer who was killed in the Banjar.

Waterfall located in the village Singsing Temukus, three kilometers from Lovina. Approximately 104 kilometers from Kuta. To get to this attraction you can use the vehicle up to the majors Tigawarsa village. Directions will guide you along the path up the 600 meters. Here are the first waterfall. You have to climb again along a steep road to get to the second waterfall.

Parking facilities are built wide and good society. Stalls around this area are also available.

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