Jogging Fun in Singapore, Give It a Go!

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Hey, fellow travelers having a blast in Singapore, here’s a cool idea for your holiday – how about a bit of morning jogging at the famous Merlion? It’s a whole different vibe!

Singapore isn’t just about shopping; sports lovers can totally get their jog on.

So, picture this: I had this super chill jog to Merlion Park during my stay near Clark Quay. It’s a breezy 1.2 kilometers from Clark Quay to Merlion. At around 6:30 in the morning (Singapore time, of course), I started this little joggy journey passing by Board Quay & Raffles.

The vibe? Oh, it was so peacefully quiet, probably because it was a lazy Sunday. I’d totally suggest morning workouts around Merlion Park – still chill, still not too crowded, and excellent for some Insta-worthy shots.

If your crib is a bit far from Merlion, no worries. Hop on some public transport and make your way here. Believe me, soaking in the morning vibes is absolute bliss.

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