Holiday Around Grunerlokka

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Birkelunden_Grünerløkka_skoleFrom Gronland region, you will continue the journey to Grunerlokka, immigrants from the region, you will enter a gathering place for young people in Oslo. Landscape will change drastically. Gronland looks dirty and a little seedy, creepy also given a fairly high crime rate. However, Gronland still fun for a more dynamic society, the price of goods and foods sold also cheaper. Meanwhile, Grunerlokka more neatly with the colors of the buildings are predominantly pastel colors and inhabited by hippies who do not want to abide by the rules. Grunerlokka filled with pubs, bars, cafes, parks, and shopping to be a surge for young Oslo. Day or night, the area is always crowded and dynamic feel. Suitable place to hang out and go for sightseeing in Oslo exist.

Prices of food and drinks at Grunerlokka quite expensive, do not be surprised because the cafe or restaurant there is very comfy. Available on the cafe terrace padded sofa sticking with corridor window of the main building, plus a comfortable seat cushion makes visitors feel at home to spend time sitting while enjoying a cup of coffee and chat with friends. If it had the intent and could not resist the desire to share in the atmosphere, you can try to go to a restaurant or cafe that offers promo Tilbut or Dagens Meny, guaranteed price of drinks will be much cheaper than the usual price. In addition to on-site cafe for coffee, Grunerlokka also has an Asian restaurant. Although food prices here are not cheap when compared Gronland region, but the prices are quite competitive.

Rows of clothing stores along the way Grunerlokka members of different shopping experience. The area was dominated by the hippies, the collection offered more unique clothes and different with on the market, even less clothes growing trend in the future comes from Grunerlokka. Trendsetter does Grunerlokka area!

In addition to selling new clothes, not a little shop that sells second-hand clothes. Usually used clothing that have been repaired and modified on demand, the result is obviously more unique clothes and there is only one in the entire Oslo. You will be happy in and out of several shops, the goods sold are funny and unique, most of the clothes were never seen in the street Karl Johans Gate is famous for. However, the price offered is not much different from the price of clothing in buik around Karl Johans Gate. A pair of shoes or a shirt sold at a price above 700 NOK. Although second-hand clothing stores, used clothing prices here are very cruel, prices for summer mini skirts sold around 300 NOK.

But take it easy for the shopaholic who have limited funds can still shopping some cheap souvenir at Grunerlokka. Flea Market are often held at the main park Grunerlokka. Goods sold are quite diverse and certainly remains unique. Shoes, bags, sunglasses, clothing, accessories, shorts, scarf, summer dress and all the preparations for the show in style during the summer there in Grunerlokka Flea Market. Prices are definitely cheaper here, with money amounted to 200 NOK, you have to buy some pants and hat.

Atmosphere offered by Grunerlokka does make tourists feel at home. Easily be anyone who came to the area will be carried on the dynamic aura and merged with the existing cheerfulness. Spend money to enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes, cheap shopping in the flea market, or just want to sit in the garden sunbathing, you can do suit all tastes.

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