Gronland, The Immigrant Center of Norway

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Gronland_street_OsloSlight from Oslo Gallerian bus terminal, then you will find an area called Gronland. Recommended by Wikitravel, Gronland areas as alternative places to eat cheap. However, if you want jelly watch, apparently Gronland has a lot of unique and rarely found in other parts of the city of Oslo.

Gronland an immigrant area, a variety of racial and ethnic groups exist here. Unique cultural blend that makes it look different with derah Gronland Oslo in general. Gronland not neatly arranged, the road looks a little dirty, free traders sell daganan in the street, and the building looks a little shabby. It was all different from street Karl Johans Gate is always performed with perfect begi neat. Although strange, many travelers prefer Gronland than Karl Johans Gate. Gronland look bolder Oslo City show the other side.

In that place, you will feel the vibrant life of the citizens of Oslo. A woman who wears a veil walking leisurely. Not radiated little fear of racism due to the threat of veil that she wears. Gronland was inhabited by many Muslim societies so that women with carad go round and mosque two things that are easily found in this area. may also echoed the call to prayer at the mosque tower sound origin not exceed by specified decibel.

Switching from a view of mosques and women with veils, you will find a crowd of young people who crowded into an apartment building. Inside the building was filled with a crowd and band music with rock flow. It turns out the park in the apartment building was transformed into an impromptu musical concert. Everyone is free to enter and have fun with no apparent rhythm while enjoying a glass of cold beer. After come to the mosque does not hurt to come mingle enjoy music that is not clear. Gronland is very multicultural.

Inhabited by multicultural, Gronland have collection of restaurants and pubs are very diverse. Asia and middle east cuisine dominates the restaurant menu, if you want to eat rice, you can stop at one of these restaurants. Gronland shop also supplies food needs to satisfy the desire to cook Asian women. Origin from Asia ranging like fruit, spices, vegetables, spices, tofu, rice, tempeh, chili sauce, to dried fish can also be found there. Miss the joy of instant noodles asia? In Gronland also exist.

After enjoying the Indian cuisine as lunch menus miss and took off with fragrant spices, travelers will be eager to get around in Gronland. For a solo female traveler should be more alert and cautious when walking alone in Gronland. The crime rate is quite high in Gronland and drug deals can be found on the public roads. Keep valuables in a safe place, do not look like people are confused, and avoid deserted road. What are you going to be excited or scared when knowing the facts?

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