Best Humanist Figure of Vigeland Sculpture Park

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Bronze_Sculptures_Stand_on_Right_Side_of_the_Bridge_-_Vigeland_Park,_OsloGarden with hundreds of statues humanist content has become one of the most frequent tourist attraction visited by tourists in Norway. For the backpacker, Vigeland Sculpture Park is a free attraction that abstinence to be missed when traveling in Oslo.

With the tram ride, you stop at Frogner Plass. Some tourists come carrying a large backpack, a map, and a camera to capture the moment. Vigeland Sculpture Park is indeed one of the favorite tourist destinations for sightseeing in Oslo. Vigeland Sculpture Park is actually still in the Frogner Park, so you could say this place is a garden in the park.

Frogner Park is a favorite place to spend time by Oslo residents in weekends they like to play with the kids on the playground, sunbathing, picnics, barbecues, or just sit off boredom of the daily routine. From the main gate of Frogner Park, which is also the entrance of the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the park can be seen that full by visitors, whether tourists or locals all gathered there.

The weather was sunny and the sun’s rays are the best days, no wonder a lot of people who spend time in Frogner Park. Before looking at the ranks of humanist sculpture created by Gustav Vigeland, you will be given a beautiful view of the women who wear bikinis and the men who flaunt the body while enjoying sunshine outpouring. Perhaps this can serve as a warm up before you will see 212 nude sculptures scattered in the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Entering the Vigeland Sculpture Park, you will pass a bridge decorated with statues of nude works of Gustav Vigeland in the right and left. The humanist statues depicting various human motions, such as running, holding hands, or dance. One of the famous statue is Angry Boy statue. This sculpture describes a boy who is angry. Many visitors queuing up to take pictures or just holding hands Angry Boy statue. You will be conscious of one thing when I saw the photos on the bridge, all the images will be decorated with statues of nude background who was sunbathing and almost nude. It’s a beautiful blend of art.

After crossing the bridge, stretching fountain is made of bronze and decorated with statues in the arms of a giant tree. The fountain depicts the symbol of death and new life will come. Each sculpture in the tree has a character and a variety of different body movements, you will not feel bored continues to surround the fountain to look at all the sculptures and try to interpret the gesture meaning to be conveyed by the creator. Switching from the fountain and enter the inside Vigeland Sculpture Park, there are carvings of human totem filled. Totem was surrounded by several other groups that carry messages sculpture Circle of Life. All the nude statues that appear in the Vigeland Sculpture Park is bringing humanity a message about life. You will see some strange visitors into action while posing with nude statues, they pose while holding the forbidden part of the statue. And what’s worse, many children who also posed as an adult, so crazy.

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