GWK Draws Crowds, Bali’s Art Shows a Big Hit

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From the get-go of the long weekend, GWK Cultural Park has been buzzing with tourists. The art performances have stolen the spotlight for visitors.

With groups dominating the scene, every nook and cranny of GWK has become a photo hotspot for tourists. Come Thursday (May 9, 2024) afternoon, the GWK Cultural Park was swarmed by hundreds, even thousands of tourists.

By 3:00 PM, Tirta Amertha (the entrance) of GWK was already bustling. Shuttles and buggies were seen zipping back and forth, ferrying visitors from the parking area to the ticketing spot.

According to the Operation Director, in welcoming the throngs of tourists during the long weekend, they’ve set up nine shuttles ready to roll, serving as free rides for tourists.

GWK has prepped up standard procedures to welcome the long weekend, especially with the nine shuttles lined up to transport visitors from the parking lot to the ticketing area.

GWK Cultural Park has indeed become a hotspot for cultural-themed fun for tourists vacationing on the island of Bali.

With its iconic 122-meter-tall statue and a plethora of art performances, tourists can easily spend hours at GWK Cultural Park without getting bored.

When it’s time for the art performances, around 5:00 PM local time, the Lotus Pond is already packed with tourists eager to catch the Joged Bumbung dance and Kecak dance.

According to Haryantha, one of the visitors to GWK Cultural Park, the Balinese art performances are among the top draws for tourists.

With an affordable ticket price of Rp 125,000, visitors can catch 15 performances in a day. The highlight? The Kecak dance against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. Absolutely mesmerizing!

Turns out, GWK is one of the must-visit spots in Bali. For an affordable price, you get to enjoy 15 art performances. Plus, witnessing the Kecak dance while soaking in the sunset view is simply magical.

Even though it’s a favorite activity for tourists, GWK Cultural Park doesn’t host special performances during long weekends or public holidays.

According to him, the 15 performances staged from morning to afternoon are already plenty to keep visitors entertained.

Special performances during long weekends or public holidays? None needed. With 15 Balinese art performances already lined up, there’s enough to keep visitors occupied during their holiday here.

And it’s not just about watching Balinese art performances. The favorite activity among tourists? Snapping photos at several iconic spots in GWK Cultural Park, like Plaza Wisnu, Titian Garuda, Plaza Garuda, and the GWK Statue.

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