Flight Turns Back Due to Bird Strike

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An Aegean Airlines flight had to turn back shortly after takeoff because it got hit by some birds. Thankfully, the plane landed back safely.

As per AviationSource News, on Tuesday (26/3/2024), an Aegean Airlines flight heading from Athens to London had to do a U-turn and head back to where it started after birds decided to crash the party on Thursday (21/3/2024). This happened just 20 minutes after they left the ground.

When they were cruising at about 17,000 feet up, the pilot decided it was best to head back to base. So, they got in touch with the folks on the ground and made their way back to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH).

Thankfully, the flight landed safely without any other dramas. And the crew didn’t sound any alarms or anything; they just went back to the regular routine.

We’re not sure how banged up the plane got. But, they managed to rustle up another plane, and it took off about an hour and a half later than planned.

Just so you know, Aegean Airlines is Greece’s main airline, and they’re pretty big in Europe and nearby. They fly short and medium distances, mainly catering to tourists and folks traveling around the region.

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