Baby Born Mid-Flight Gets Mega Mileage: Free Flights for 90 Rides!

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Okay, buckle up ’cause we’ve got a wild tale for you: a baby decided to make its grand entrance on an Aeroméxico flight from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez. And guess what? This little bundle of joy hit the jackpot with free flights for up to 90 rides!

So, it all went down on a Friday (15/3/2024) when a 31-year-old mom, whose name’s still a mystery, popped out her baby on that Aeroméxico flight from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez.

Thankfully, there was a hero onboard: Dr. Leticia Olivares Solorio, who just happened to be a passenger. The doc helped deliver the tiny tot at a staggering 30,000 feet.

There’s even footage of flight attendants cuddling the newborn wrapped up snug as a bug in a blanket.

According to the New York Post on Tuesday (19/3/2024), once they touched down, both mom and baby got whisked off to the hospital for a check-up.

Since the birth happened in such unexpected circumstances, mom and bub had to head to separate facilities to make sure everything was A-okay.

But hey, good news: after that whirlwind delivery, both seemed to be doing just fine.

And hold onto your hats ’cause here’s the kicker: Aeroméxico is feeling pretty generous. They’re giving the little one free flights for a whopping 90 rides!

“And as a super special treat, we’re giving them a big ol’ gift,” read Aeromexico’s social media post.

“And since it’s all going down during our 90th birthday bash, we’re throwing in 90 free flights for the little VIP,” the post added, quoting local rag, El Diario.

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