Flight Attendant Shares When It’s Not Cool to Hit the Airplane Loo

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So, you know how flight attendants are like the superheroes of the skies, looking out for everyone’s safety and comfort? Well, turns out they’ve got some insider tips on how we can make their lives a tad easier. Take it from Jane Hawkes, a former flight attendant turned consumer expert.

Jane says one thing that really grinds their gears is when passengers decide it’s the perfect time for a bathroom break just as the food trolley is rolling down the aisle. Yep, major buzzkill.

So, next time nature calls, try holding off until the food cart has made its rounds. Trust me, it’ll save you from a lot of eye rolls.

Oh, and speaking of in-flight etiquette, let’s talk about reclining seats. Now, I know it’s tempting to kick back and relax, but maybe check with the person behind you first, okay? Nobody wants a mid-air squabble over a reclined seat.

But hey, here’s a golden rule: keep that seat upright during chow time or when the plane’s gearing up for takeoff or landing. Safety first, folks!

And let’s not forget about carry-on luggage. Pro tip: don’t be that person stuffing their bag in the first available spot. Follow the crew’s lead and stow your stuff where it belongs. It’ll save everyone a headache.

Oh, and last but not least, a little something to sweeten the deal. Jane suggests bringing along some goodies for the crew. You know, a little pick-me-up for those hardworking folks. Trust me, a pack of biscuits or a bar of chocolate goes a long way in making their day a bit brighter.

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