Feel Medieval Castle Heritage of Hakon’s Hall

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Håkons_hallRight at the end there is a complex Brygge old medieval castle heritage, Hakons Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower stood facing each other and complement each other. Travelers plan will lead to Hakons Hall first and then continue to the Rosenkrantz Tower. It was still early when tourists enter Hakons Hall, just a few visitors a look at the main lobby while others are looking for guards in Hakons Hall. A young woman wearing a bunad that has been modified so that it looks more modern look iut still would clean and organize some tourist brochures at the front door. After doing his job, he directly back to the main desk and greet the tourists. Only by bringing Visit Bergen Card from Bergen, you can get into the Hall Hakons plus get a brochure containing information about Hakons Hall. Normal ticket price to get into Hakons Hall for 50 NOK.

The Kings Banqueting Hall is a slogan that carried Hakons Hall. Large building was built by King Hakon Hakonsson in the 12th century and used as a royal residence and a party room. At that time the city of Bergen is Norway’s most important and biggest hall Hakons Hall became an important venue implemented. One of the wedding hall was once the son of King Hakon Hakonsson, Magnus Hakonsson Lagabote with Princess Ingeborg of Denmark in 1261. When it was as much as two thousand guests came and filled the hall Hakons Hall.

In 1944, Hakons Hall suffered a major fire caused by a German munitions ship exploded in the harbor not far from Hakons Hall, just outside the walls of Hakons Hall can survive, whereas all of the content within Hakons Hall building is the result of reconstruction is running in 1880.

Before entering the main hall, you must call to make a basement that was used as the working space of government, stone dome looks overshadow the rooms were quite low and some tables and chairs fill the room. The air was humid. crossing room then up the stone stairs to the 2nd floor where the famous Hakons Hall was located.

The information listed in the brochure are taken by tourists was not a lie, Hakons Hall is a large and majestic to the size of the hall in the middle ages. Sky high concave cover large front hall, it feels spacious and roomy, it’s just decoration interior looks quiet and empty. Sunlight came through the window high on one wall of the building, the member a little light into the hall, you can walk to the center of the hall and cause strange noise on the wood floor that is passed. Right in front of the hall artifacts long table equipped with high chairs, here where the King and Queen sat when important events took place in Hakons Hall.

Sitting on the bench that is available, you might remember one scene when the movie Harry Potter Hogwarts student dinner and welcomed Professor Albus Dombledore on the first night they got into a school of magic. Hakons Hall atmosphere may be similar to a large dining room with a Hogwarts old building, high ceilings, and a very large hall. Just stay added four long tables filled with food and a touch of magic that makes hundreds of candles floating roof meet.

You when you wear the cloak of magic, Hogwarts atmosphere definitely feels more at Hakons Hall. Currently Hakons Hall is not only used for important royal events, music festivals, such as the pride of Bergen Bergen International Festival is not uncommon to use Hakons Hall as one event they see themselves playing venues. Very exciting to see a show of music, ballet, or opera in the old building’s medieval heritage.

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