Travel Around Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf Complex

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BryggenRanks of wooden houses typical medieval house this monopoly is synonymous with Bergen and can attract tourists from all over the world. Bryggen is the oldest part of the City of Bergen and is the home of the first buildings in Bergen were made. As an important trading center which occupies a central position next to the pier, Bryggen often caught fire because the building material is made mostly of wood. Approximately 62 houses are now located in Bryggen is building reconstruction outcome after major fires in 1702.

Maybe you just love to make it to the Bryggen and see homes Monopoly travelers who managed to steal hearts. Wood house red and bright yellow with an almost equally high standing calmly in the front line Bryggen. The house is facing towards the pier, where private yachts perch and move according to the wind and water.

You can imagine if the sky was clear and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds allowed the refraction of light falling into the Bryggen Monopoly will make this area more sparkling. Additional form of natural scenery greener forests that carpet the mountains behind Bryggen coveri combined with blue skies and crystal clear water colors make this place like a painting drawn in the real world.

Entering one of the alleys between the houses created in Monopoly, you are treated to an adventure it roam the medieval port city. As high as two-storey wooden building located in a narrow alley which is also made of wood, makes you more curious to reroute and see Bryggen closer. Although all of the buildings in the Bryggen has been turned into souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, or art studio, the atmosphere did not eliminate the Bryggen as a port city.

Ornament home decoration material which is also dominated by wood and traditional reached further confirms to port city atmosphere of the past, while building a unique blend of the old port town with the typical contents of a store that sells a variety of souvenirs Bergen, painting, or clothing with well-known boutique labels make you stay sober that you still cohabited in the 20th century, not the Middle Ages.

Should be recognized Bryggen is rich in history and culture attached to Bergen in the early life of this city stands. Through Beryggen wooden houses, visitors are invited to live the life of the port city traders has in the past, do not be surprised if in 1979, Bryggen in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Sites as a cultural site that should be protected. In closing of tourist trips in Bryggen, the old port city of travelers will take to the backyard of Bryggen, where there is a well where visitors can toss their coins. Well it is not a wishing well that can grant any hope of a coin being thrown, it only holds wells donations from visitors who have come to Bryggen and will be used to preserve the Bryggen area. What are the stories about well, you need to choose to believe their own fiction, one day God would bring you back to this city, and three Norwegian Krone keeping coins into the well while travelers say petition.

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