See Bergen Landscape from Rosenkrantz Tower

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Rosenkrantz_Tower_in_BergenOnce you visit Hakons Hall, you can continue your sightseeing activities to the building located next to this building, the Rosenkrantz Tower. Maybe you will doubt the tower was opened to the public or not because it is right at the entrance there is a large pole for restoration projects. With the look of a man who uses modern bunad behind the counter full of brochures and seems to be a uniform guard bunad modern museum and historic buildings in Bergen. Once you show the Bergen Card, the guard will give you a brochure that contains the history of Rosenkrantz Tower and advised to start the journey from the bottom of the tower. From the bottom you can continue to climb the stairs to the next floor up to the top level.

Rosenkrantz Tower was built by Governor Eric Rosenkrantz in 1560 and combines the concept of residence with tower-shaped fort. Initial structure of the building had been formed in 1260 by King Magnus Lagabote. At 1520, a room was added to the building by Jorgen Hansson and ultimately the development of Rosenkrantz Tower was completed by Eric Rosenkrantz. Medieval aura here feels thicker than the Hakons Gall who has undergone a lot of restoration. Thick stone walls that protect construction purposes cold and survives to this day, such as the aura is more inclined to the aura of creepy and will make tourists shiver as it passes through.

Basement where you are calling a dungeon with a low ceiling, small doors and window bars. Rotating stone staircase will lead travelers to another room upstairs. Tolerable dizziness also use this stone stairs, not to mention the mini size and a narrow staircase. You are suffering from claustrophobia may need to be alert to imagine if something happens and stuck in this place, can not go out. Another room that is in the Rosenkrantz Tower is largely a room once used by King Christian II, Eric Rosenkrantz, and King Magnus Lagabote.

Maybe you will get lazy when exploring each room, in addition to a small room, there was not anything in the room, just an empty room with a row of information posted on the wall. You can ride all the way to the very top level, there are a large wooden door and leads to the outside of the tower.

Prevailing winds from the port immediately greeted travelers, Bergen view directly plastered eyes look. Travelers will be instantly stunned and out to the balcony which surrounds the tower, staring Bergen from all sides. Looks great harbor with boats, docks where fish market and Bryggen is full of visitors. Hakons Hall which is located right next to the tower, sky line city where buildings blend in with traditional wooden houses and wooden houses views of residents are similar to each other and filled the valley hills. Bergen cold wind that kept blowing travelers will not dampen the spirit of her long enough to stand the tower bag, maybe this is the main attraction of the Rosenkrantz Tower.

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