Feel Exclaimed Water Adventure at Waterbom Bali

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photo by I, Scoreed
photo by I, Scoreed

Waterbom Bali is one of the many popular attractions, with an area of ​​over 3800 square meters. To get into this place, you have to pay admission for Rp140000. The fee includes admission fee and enjoy all the facilities except water game rental lockers and towels, wall climbing, Eurobungy, and gazebo. Full day ticket is valid, and you are allowed out of the area back in the same day.

When you buy a ticket, just buy shopping card that can be recharged. This card is useful when you want to shop in the arena, such as buying food, drinks, rent a locker and a gazebo.

At Waterbom Bali there are various kinds of water games, from pool to pool current slide. You can also choose the level of glide pool ranging from medium, high, to the extreme.

Boomerang is skating games with a height of 14.4 meters with a slope of 60 degrees will make feel thrown into the air.

Smashdown the slide from a height of 21.79 meters with steep slopes near 45 degrees with a speed of 70 km / hour.

Macaroni Tube will take you on an adventure in the dark along 150 meters of pipe. Many sharp turns, very thrilling.

Raft River is a popular game that most visitors, Raft River will bring you glide along the pipe 174 meters from a height of 16 meters for 50 seconds. With a long enough duration you can enjoy the beautiful panorama around.

You can put clothes and other items in lockers during water play. About Rp20000 locker rental fee. Waterbom Bali is open from 09:00 until 18:00, shady atmosphere by shady trees, make you do not need to worry about sunburn.

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