Fun Holiday in Sanur beach

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sanur beach holidaySanur beach is one of the attractive beaches on the island of Bali. It is located six kilometers from downtown Denpasar. If from kuta, a distance of about 15 kilometers towards the east. Beach with white sand and gentle stretches three kilometers from north to south with a coastline facing east. Because of that movement sunrise seen clearly from the beach.

Sanur beach area is an alternative for travelers who do not like the crowded atmosphere like in Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. In Sanur, serenity and convenience is much more pronounced. However, compared to Kuta, Sanur hotel rates in the area are usually relatively more expensive.

Sanur area itself became known as a tourist resort bali since standing Inna Grand Bali Beach. This hotel is the first major hotel in bali. Since then, the Sanur beach is visited by travelers. Now, a recreational area of ​​Sanur beach is not just for travelers, but also for the residents of Denpasar, especially on Sundays or holidays.

The beach is clean and the waves were crashing deep in the middle, making the beach sanur be a pleasant place for swimming, canoeing, or snorkeling. Needless adept at swimming, you can go into the sea close to the shore. Because of the depth that only an adult chest height.

If you want to play a canoe, you can rent by the beach. Rental rates start from Rp10000 to use as much. So also with the snorkeling equipment rental rates for Rp25000 you can use as much. But not for diving equipment. Recreational equipment is so much more expensive. Rental place is not much, although it is not too difficult to obtain. You must spend at Rp400.000 for one dive session.

Heading to Sanur

Sanur area can be reached easily by car. From Kuta you can reach by road by pass wide and smooth. Sanur beach is a place of departure and arrival if you want to make a trip to Nusa Penida.

Means Facilities and Accommodation in Sanur

Compared to Kuta, Sanur region there are more five-star hotel has complete facilities. Even some of the luxury hotel has a private beach at the back of the area. In addition to hotels, there are also many in sanur villas and resorts with a very calm and comfortable. Of course with very affordable prices too. All around the region, many stalls selling handicrafts such as fabric, clothes, bracelets, necklaces, sandals, hats, and other accessories. The souvenir prices are not too expensive. But you do not be shy to haggle. If cleverly, you can get half of the price of goods on offer.

For business meals, not to worry. In Sanur there are plenty of cafes and restaurants offering a variety of menus with flavors respectively. Various fast food restaurants are also located here.

Every August, the people that work in the world tourism of sanur always held sanur village tourism festival that presents a variety of traditional entertainment attractions parades, and exhibitions.

Vehicle Rental in Sanur

Such as Kuta, Sanur region there are also many places such as car rental vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles up, with rates similar to those prevailing in Kuta.

Recommended hotels in Sanur

Hyatt Bali, Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur Beach Hotel, Diwangkara, Gazebo Cottage, Inna Natour Sindhu, Mentari Sanur, Besakih Beach Villas Group, Puri Dalem Sanur Beach, Bali Mercure Resort, Paradise Plaza Suites, Sativa, Segara Village, Tanjung Sari.

Nightlife Club Pub and Bar Cafe


Adventure Tourism in Sanur

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