Bali Safari and Marine Park

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Bali_Safari_&_Marine_ParkBali Safari and Marine Park is a conservation agency and a member of the Union of Indonesian zoo. Bali Safari and Marine Park is located on the road by pass Prof. Dr.. Ida Bagus Mantra, right in the village three more villages, serongga, and Medahan. The location is situated 17 kilometers from around denpasar or about 30 kilometers from Kuta. With an area of ​​40 acres Bali Safari and Marine Park provides a unique medium, a combination of wildlife native to the ecosystem in Habitat that intersect with the culture of the Balinese people. Here you can see various kinds of rare animals derived from three regions as white starlings, owls, pigs, deer, crocodiles, Sumatran elephants, tapirs, Timor deer, Sumatran tigers, sun bears, spotted deer, nilgai, Himalayan bear, black buck , hippos, gravy zebra, ostrich, a camel hump, blue wildebeest, baboons, and lions.

The basic concept of Bali Safari and Marine Park are invited visitors to enjoy a safari experience that begins from the area of ​​modern Bali, an ancient Balinese enter into life, with many myths, philosophy, and history very closely with wildlife.

The journey begins with the story of tantric and Ramayana, then enter the Balinese village with all the activities of the community. There is an area filled with Hanuman and forces up towards the statue of Ganesha, the god of knowledge and prosperity that has the form of an elephant. From Bali, you will be invited to visit Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, to India and Africa. Safari trip is done with a special vehicle from the terminal Toraja.

After doing the Safari Tram Tour, you have the opportunity to visit many other places as well as directly interacting with existing animals, such as feeding or riding elephants and camels, or take photos with baby animals are cute and adorable.

Journey to know the wild life in Bali Safari and Marine Park will give you a different experience. Such as direct view of activities undertaken by a white tiger, or elephant rides specially trained.

Experience tasting dishes will also be different if you go to Tsavo Lion Restaurant, which has an atmosphere very uni, maybe only one in Asia. In this restaurant you enjoy a meal together with the African lions that roam outside the glass windows surrounding the restaurant.

Education and Conservation Program

Educational programs and conservation in Bali Safari Park is a great option if you want to fill the holiday with activities that are more than just recreation. Activities begin at 09:30 in the lobby Barong with the introduction of the False Gharial, leopards, and Curik bali birds. Then proceed with the introduction and photo with beautiful birds in the Banyan Court. After that, participants were invited to tour a guided safari with special savings for about 30 minutes.

The next event was a discussion about animals, the environment and conservation, then touch and feel session the animal, watching animals and conservation education shows and the opportunity to see the white tiger feeding activity. The event was concluded with lunch at Uma Restaurant at 12:30. after the event, participants can enjoy a variety of other activities at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Activities in Bali Safari and Marine Park

Other activities provided are Funzone game area and water park. Funzone area provide upland game such as bouncer, jungle cruise, flume ride, spinning coaster, and others. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays basional, also held barong dance performances and dance lessons for children in the Bale Banjar.

Beyond the educational package, the perfect time to visit is in the morning starting at 09.00 as various animal presentation will be held at 11:00 am followed by Elephant Bathing and Elephant Observation and Education Show at 11:45. After that you can enjoy lunch at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant or Uma Restaurant.

If you want to come during the day, schedule Elephant Bathing at 13.15, Elephant Conservation and Education Show at 15.00 and Various Animal Presentation at 16.00.

The price of admission Bali Safari and Marine Park Rp75.000 per person or Rp110.000 per person for Education and Conservation programs.

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