Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

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Icehotel_001December in Sweden is fairly cool. Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius will make people lazy to travel in this country. However, the Swedish citizen no less sense to be able to attract foreign tourists to visit this Scandinavian countries. One of the unique concept that offered by the state is to build a new ice hotel.

Hotels with an area of about 59,200 square built by using 3000 tons of a combination of ice and snow. No lag plus 2000 tons of ice from the river were added so that the structure does not shake. This unique inn called the Ice Hotel. Ice Hotel is very popular among foreign tourists during a visit to Sweden in the winter. You will not find this in summer because temperatures do not allow for the ice to freeze. Ice Hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, Swedish Lapland, Northern Sweden.

Ice hotel offers exceptional lodging experience that is different from the hotel in general. With 65 rooms and 13 special rooms, Ice Hotel can be enjoyed with ease at once feel the incredible sensation of cold. Facilities provided Ice Hotel is no less unique like mattress made ??from ice, ice cube shaped bar drinks, wedding chapel made ??from ice, and ornate decorations made from other ice would give a different impression when you stay at this hotel.

Every winter, Ice Hotel is always invited several artists from all over the world. They are invited to channel their talents ice sculpturing. With the touch of a given, Ice Hotel to be more beautiful and stunning.

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