Dark stories about Batad Village

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Batad_Rice_Terraces,_BanaueUsually tourists will mingle under the bright lights on the terrace guesthouse. All sitting on the front porch, gathered to listen to a story about the history of Batad guesthouse owners. The first question is usually asked when this Rice Terraces build up. According to the owner of the guesthouse, this Rice Terraces has existed since thousands of years ago. Rice Terraces is a legacy of their ancestors. In fact, since they were born until now, rice shape does not change, only a slight improvement when landslides or damaged. To fix the landslide just takes a long time, and is not easily done by local people, sometimes built with cement to make it more powerful.

Residents in Batad Igorot typically use language for communication every day, not Tagalog. Igorot language spoken in the mountains of Ifugao region, such as in Sagada, Banaue, Bontoc, and Kalinga. There are also several languages ​​in the Philippines, but is used as the national language is Tagalog. In spite of the mountainous and remote areas, the majority of Batad already active can speak English well. The development of the English language since the arrival of missionaries began to spread Catholic Batad. Besides that, in Batad existing schools that teach the English language since the first year.

In 1900 to 1940 in Batad frequent Tribal War. In fact, very terrible is haunting many residents Batad headhunters in the era before independence the Philippines. according to historical stories, Igorot tribe of headhunters is a tradition, which makes human heads as trophies or medals that they can be proud. The more heads that they collect from the other tribes, the more admired also by local tribes. In fact, according to the legend in Bontoc, no man can marry a local woman before the first medal or first human head as a gift. Machismo a man can also be seen from the tattoos on the body. The more tattoos, the more people that admired.

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