Culinary and Souvenirs Shopping in Goteborg

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Kalles_Lakrits_&_citronparfaitYou can visit Gothenburg on the National Day of Sweden which is a national holiday. The positive side of this is the day you can join Nationaldag celebration held in Gothenburg. However, usually all shops in Gothenburg closed because people will go to a public park to celebrate Nationaldag.

If you are confused in choosing restaurants, cafes, and other food stores. You can buy frozen food available in nearby Pressbyran. Pressbyran provides a variety of frozen foods, such as macaroni, lasagna, and pizza for about 20 to 50 SEK. Frozen food can you cook in the microwave hostel. Very practical and easy also cheap.

To buy souvenirs, many shops selling various kinds of souvenirs from Gothenburg. You can skip the snack shop here. The sweet aroma will immediately welcome when going to open the door. Various sweets and chocolate various shapes, flavors, and colors are arranged in long rows of shelves that meets all the corner stores, all of this candy-watering and tempting you to pull out some SEK in this place. This 4-Gott store is specialized in selling various snacks and chocolate candy and already has three branches throughout Gothenburg. 4-Gott that I visited is located in Ostra Hamngatan road, not far from The Wheel of Gothenburg is very famous.

With a paper bag and big spoon size, you can walk around in the store to choose candy and chocolate. If you hard to decide candy and chocolate that will be purchased in the hundreds of options available, just try lakrits, candy length Sweden has a variety of flavors, chocolate with contents caramel inside, chewy candy sprinkled with powdered sugar on it, a granule of chocolate M & M, and a variety of other unique chocolate candy. This place is perfect for buying souvenirs visited a chocolate snack and candy. Price of sweets and chocolates here are reasonably cheap priced with a unique shape. For all the chocolate candy that is inserted into a paper bag counted about 7.9 SEK per ounce, while the chocolate is packaged in paper boxes about 12 SEK per box or 20 SEK for two boxes of chocolate.

In addition to candy and chocolates, there is also a T-shirt with the words I Love Gothenburg which can be used as souvenirs. Price of this shirt about 99 SEK, 375 SEK for 4 jerseys, or 550 SEK for 10 jerseys. The more the quantity purchased, the price will be more cheap jerseys. If you get bored with chocolate or candy souvenir T-shirt, maybe you can try snus sold in this place. Snus is a tobacco powder that put into a small bag.

To be able to try snus, a person can put snus under the lip or gum, and suck for a while. Snus as an alternative for smokers who do not want the hassle out of the building just to smoke cigarettes. Just stick it on the gums and Snus is tantamount to smoking. Snus cause not like cigarette smoke in general, snus does not threaten users lungs, but the disease may be caused by gum or snus is cancerous oral cancer. More unique again, snus is banned by the European Union, only Sweden and Norway are still allowed to produce and sell snus. If you are still in Sweden and a smoker, you can feel the sensation of tasting snus and other smoke. But I do not recommend, you need to maintain health as well.

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