Transportation Guide in Gothenburg

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VästtrafikGothenburg’s public transport run by the operator named Vasttrafik which includes buses, trams, and ferries. One Vasttrafik card can be used for all public transport available, so you do not need to replace the card when going up the different transport. There are various types Vasttrafik cards, travelers are advised to buy a card daily for a price of around 65 SEK to 130 SEK 1 day or 3 days applicable. The daily card is unlimited and can be used as much for a full day. Want to travel around the city using the tram could also, try to catch a ferry to the island in around Gothenburg can too.

Solution for the frugal traveler who only occasionally use public transport is to use a card that only contains five times the trip. This card is priced around 83 SEK and are not tied to the deadline as a daily card. So, if during a two-day stop in Gothenburg, you may be able to use this card to use the bus, tram or ferry. System is the same card as the card daily, every ride public transportation, you have to put a card in the card reader machine. The difference will be immediately cut the engine is trip durations that can be used. Each trip is valid for 90 minutes so it’s within 90 minutes you do not need to cut the number of trips in the card reader machine again despite having to change vehicles. In the Nils Ericson Terminal there is a Vasttrafik counter that sells Vasttrafik card according to your needs.

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