Cobra Village, Join With Snake Population Peaceful Life

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Thailand uses a wonderful natural beauty that’s nearly the exact with indonesia. there will be too characteristic in elephant country, that will be a village full of snakes ! the village is named ban kok sa-nga, located within the province of khon kaen, northeast thailand. among tourists, the village is higher called as nagas village.

Approximately 140 homes within the village has at the very least one pet snake, that they actually kandangkan outside the home, within the picket box. snake diverse, ranging due to venomous, like king cobras, till to a small degree dangerous, just like a python.the atmosphere within the village can be continuously festive, just like a snake show nice attraction. the snakes are raised in confinement and feel a star within the show is quite stressful, like boxing show between man and snake.

That makes travelers horrified and amazed when visiting this village could not show the snake, however rather how the villagers are so minimally accustomed to dangerous animals. actually, youngsters are applied to handling snakes since childhood trained out to handle snakes, feeding, and fight when attacked.

However reportedly, several tourists have died from snake attack whereas visiting this village. truth remains unclear, except it is recognized that even the villagers who definitely are already accustomed to snakes ever got this creeping attack. For instance, bualee chai, the most famous snake charmer within the village. with the age has reached 72 years, he had been bitten 21 times however still healthy till currently.

What exactly is clear, for your own villagers, the snake was half of the family. when i’m dead snake, i could be terribly sad. if there’s a snake during this village, we can provide offerings out to him within the temple, aforementioned chai was quoted as saying odditycentral, monday ( 12/17/2012 ). Additionally out to seeing a snake, you’ll be able to too obtain these animals within the village. a snake is sometimes rewarded r1, 6 million out to rp 2 million.

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