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Photo : Antonu/Wikimedia
Photo : Antonu/Wikimedia

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city after the capital city of Moscow. City founded by King Peter 1 otherwise known as Peter the Great in 1703 it was on the lips of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River. Visit this city seemed to be on the small island with a variety of beautiful buildings surrounded by water.

City ends of the world are often also called upon peter Europe is a window on the past. That said, even though Russia had the Baltic Sea, as de facto rule could not be used because controlled by Sweden. King Peter I was finally able to defeat the forces Sweden to Russia could re-use, especially for the Baltic Sea cruise to Europe until now.

History does not stop there. In 1712, by Peter the Great, the Russian capital was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg until 1918. After the Bolshevik Revolution broke out and the government formed the Soviet Union, the state capital back to Moscow withdrawn. In the late 1980s, when perestroika and glasnost that started the collapse of communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in which Russia became the legal successor of the USSR, Moscow retained as the capital.

At present, the position of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the Russian government arena is quite unique. Despite two cities is not a state, still be given a special place by the leader of a governor who arguably on par with the minister. This is why these two very special area in Russia.

According to history, recorded at least four times a beautiful city in the Russian western end renamed. The first time, the city adjacent to Helsinki was given the name St. Petersburg, later changed to Petrograd until 1924. Then, in order to honor a large communist leader Lenin, then in 1924 the town name was later changed to Leningrad until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Change the system of government resulted in the change of name of the Leningrad City. Now the city is back to being named St. Petersburg.

On the other hand, as an artist, the life of St. Petersburg is not as beautiful as the city of design. Has often experienced the dark and gray. During World War II, Leningrad was besieged by the troops who run out of Nazi Germany during the 900 days. This has led to more than a million civilians died as a result of war and famine. Major events Russia expel Nazi victory is still celebrated throughout the country royally.

Travelling in St. Petersburg will remind you in a few cities in Western Europe. Russian king Peter the Great who had roamed all over Europe so obsessed promote Russia as Europe. Not only in the field of education and technology, the High King also wanted to realize the dream to build a new city like Europe. Touch of famous Russian and European architects, like Rossy, Rastreli, Zakharov, and Monferan play a huge role in realizing the dream of the king of fragrant name until today.

If down to the Neva river, travelers to this day still can enjoy European-style architecture adorn the heritage buildings all over town the King’s dream result. Call it the Marble Palace, the Winter Palace Hermitage, Senate House, Peter and Paul Fortress, Museum of History, Museum of Anthropology, Bloody Church and many other antique buildings. not to mention if you walk down to the heart of the City of St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospect Street Protocol, many baroque-style buildings adorn the city.

The beauty of St. Petersburg also because the city is always surrounded by water as a consequence of the exact position of this town on the outskirts of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River. The former capital of the country is made up of 42 islands and more than 300 bridges over the canal winding. Not surprising that many people dub this city as Venice in the North Section.

Because the beauty of this city is also a lot of famous people such as composers, writers, architects, writers, artists, and musicians had lived in this city. and literary artists, such as PI Cakovskii, Pushkin, AA Block, FM Dostoevskii, AA Akhmatova was recorded once lived in the pretty town of St. Petersburg. At present, the former Leningrad is now incarnated as a city of commerce, industry, science and cultural center of Russia.

Another miracle owned St. Petersburg is situated on the northern end of the earth so that in July and June natural law requires that the sun shines almost all day. the people said at the height of summer, the sun will only sink in the range of 3 hours. It is called white night or Belaya noc awaited by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Travelling is an experience in itself. Various events to bring in tourists always made by the city government. Travel agents also offer tours of the evening was still bright starts at eleven o’clock and ended at six in the morning to enjoy the beauty of the white night in St. Petersburg.

Travelers also in the surf without having to join a tour, can enjoy the white night in Protocol Nevsky Street and the River Neva. Promptly at two in the morning, 13 Neva River bridge will be opened for large vessels bypassed carrier logistics into town and closed again two hours later. This scene is very interesting.

Anyone who visited St. Petersburg, definitely want to come back again. Not only because of the beauty of the city, but the friendliness of its people better when compared to other cities in Russia.

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