St. Basil’s Cathedral Moscow Architecture Style

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Photo by verygreen/Wikimedia
Photo by verygreen/Wikimedia

Overview of this building does not look like the impression of a house of worship. Rounded dome with various patterns and striking colors make Cathedral St. Basil is decorated like a candy balls of different colors. Beauty St. Basil will be seen again in the evening.Cathedral of St. Basil is one of the landmarks of Moscow city very famous.

This church was made in the time of Ivan IV, or better known as Ivan the Terrible is a term due to the king’s cruelty. built only between 1555 to 1560, by architect Pstnik Yaokvlev to commemorate the Russian victory over Tatar Mongol occupation that ended in 1552.

Legend of the cruelty of Ivan the Terrible also pushed behind the construction of the cathedral. because they do not want the architect create more beautiful works of St.Basil, both eyes blinded by sangaja architect Ivan King. However, because it is good at, though blind, the architect to keep working and able to build a new cathedral in the city of Vladimir.

How is that the fate of St.Basil after the Bolshevik Revolution? Nearly St. Basil Cathedral fared the same as the White Khram Khrista Spasitelya.In 1930, Lazar Kaganovich, the person in charge of planning the Red Square is close to Stalin proposed that St. Basil destroyed. This is done to expand the area of public parades and motorcycles. Fortunately Stalin budge.

Not only that, the destruction of the second attempt could be made but failed.This is because of the courage and love of an architect to Russian culture, namely Pyuotr Baranovsky.When ordered to destroy St. Basil, he refused and threatened to cut the throat on the steps of the church.Because of this refusal, Pyutor Baranovsky was rewarded five years in prison.Apparently the Church St. Basil still God protected us so original beauty still radiates and can be enjoyed until now.

Cathedral of St. Basil is located in Krasnaya Ploshad. You can use the metro and out in Okhotny Ryad station to get into the church with ticket costs about 350 rubles.

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