Passenger’s Beef: Business Lounge Food Looks Like Dog Chow!

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So, there’s this passenger who’s spilling the tea about the grub in the lounge, and it’s causing quite a stir. They shelled out some extra cash but ended up with food that could pass for doggie dinner.

It all blew up on Reddit, where folks were roasting the airline for serving up subpar chow in the Sydney lounge.

According to Yahoo News Australia on Tuesday (19/3/2024), in the viral Reddit post, there’s a pic of a tray piled high with bones. Yep, bones!

“Imagine paying for this. I took one look and gagged. This airline seriously needs to get their act together,” they ranted.

The passenger explained they were lining up for a bite to eat and noticed everyone giving the menu a wide berth.

Redditers jumped in, with most agreeing the food looked downright ruff. Some joked it was better suited for the pooches.

The airline caught wind of the viral photo and admitted the food presentation was a total flop. They promised to dig into the matter.

“We’re all about giving you a top-notch munching experience, and this falls way short of our usual standards,” said a spokesperson.

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