Amazing Balinese Elephant Safari

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bali elephant safariElephant safari is one of the very popular adventure tours in Bali. In addition to experience and get a different sensation, ingenuity elephants often make travelers spellbound. Imagine, you will see a panoramic view of the countryside in Bali on the backs of elephants. You will feel like a royal era nobleman who was going up the elite vehicle.

Elephant Safari Cost

To be able to get around with elephant, you have to spend money around Rp500000 per adult. If adventure together with family include two adults and two children, the total price will be cheaper, about Rp1, 5 million. If bringing children aged between 5-11 years, subject to a fee of about Rp400000, for babies under 4 years are approximately Rp200000 costs.

The price includes transfers and hotel transfers, safari ride, park admission, professional mahouts, life insurance protection, and lunch. Price is only valid for domestic travelers.

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