Cool Playing Paint Ball in Bali

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Paintball_2_playersPaintball is a war game that is popular in America since 1970. In Indonesia, paintball was first opened in Bali as a means of recreation. Rapid development can be felt after paintball began to leave the military character. Indeed, when paintball was introduced, this event is always with the army, army clothes, army and other impressions. The result, this activity is only followed by people with muscular bodies and masculine only.

Once paintball began to shift to the sport, more and more fans of these activities. Young people and women began to take part. Paintball equipment began to use bright colors like red, blue, and yellow. Crouch like art of playing changed from being run while shooting soldiers. The longer the paintball game more interesting because it was not done in a spooky forest, but on the green grass with bunkers of various shapes and colors, and easy to watch like football.

You will get an unforgettable experience. While enjoying the leisure you can also train your leadership and strengthen your confidence. You can also train agility and teamwork.

With equipment and supplies high security standards and guidelines of professional instructors, paintball will be one of the moments that enliven your holiday in Bali.

Cost for Playing Paintball

To enjoy this recreation, the money you have to spend is about Rp400000 per person. The price for you is not foreign tourists. That price includes admission, complete equipment such as V – Force Mask, GTF Paint Gun, Uniform, Protective head and neck, 2 game with about 20 minutes / game, 50 rounds of paintball, 3 and 1 soft drink mineral water, separate dressing room and showers, personal lockers, as well as life insurance protection.

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