Alternative Back to Nature Travel Places in Jakarta

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Nareswari_LoungeEliminate stress from piling work is sometimes difficult. The idea of ​​monotonous tourist not only makes your mind calm. Nature tourism to Jakarta refreshing among workers increasingly becoming a trend nowadays. to relieve stress and refreshing can be done by visiting some of the natural attractions are not far from Jakarta. In addition to cheap, the mind is also refreshed. Here are some inexpensive natural attractions around Jakarta.

Travel Tree House (Wisata Rumah Pohon)

Outbound adventure started the longest suspension bridge crossing to the tree house. In addition, other games already looking like a poisonous swamp, a maze, a house rabbit, water games, individual and group challenges, flying fox, carp fishing, and rock climbing. When in the pentagon, participants in groups had to cross several small islands using two types of sticks.

The labyrinth is also exciting and quite confusing. In this places, participants should be able to get out of the cubicle colored winding and sometimes dead end. It takes more intelligence and patience to be able to get out safely.

Before trying the flying fox, you have to climb the tower wall that serves as a climbing wall. After that, be prepared to roll with two slings. The flying fox and the speed can be controlled so ensuring the safety of participants. With a length of 80 meters and a height of six feet transversely across a lake also be very exciting and thrilling. Usually participants outbound here is the child. However, adults also can enjoy this exciting outbound.

Games for adults are provided usually like paintball, ATV, fishing, and playing raft. Lintasa ATV in this place is quite winding and sharp even safe for children because of the contour of the land is flat. If you want to play paintball, you need a reservation 2 days in advance.

Another activity that is exciting is playing a raft in the lake to where the fish feeding. So it feels like a village. You can also boarded the raft ride. In the middle of the lake there are also huts for rest or just relax enjoying the beautiful lake. If getting hungry, you can enjoy cooking in a traditional cuisine restaurant located at this location. in addition, there are also several vending carts selling a variety of foods such as dumplings, pempek, chicken noodles, meatballs, burgers, and hotdogs. Wisata Rumah Pohon is located on Jl Parpostel, Jati Asih Bekasi. This place is open every day.

Kampung Maen

Kampung Maen located in Serpong area, precisely at the Alam Sutera Family Park. The location of this park is hidden behind a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Kampung Maen is one of the natural game places at this location. even in the midst of a hot Serpong, Kampung Maen pretty cool atmosphere by trees rimbu. Village atmosphere also felt with the concept of natural building. Arena outbound for adults and children are separated. Flying fox to higher adult and thrilling when compared to children. Another game that you can play here like elvis walk, wind storms, spider-web, stacking bamboo, as well as game indvidu and other groups.

Each game is guided by instructors are fun and make you free to roam the physical ability and teamwork. Lunch is usually already in the package, so no need to look for a place to eat anymore. Do not forget to reserve ahead to ensure you get a place. In addition to outbound arena, in the village of Maen You can also play paintball. You only pay Rp.120.000 enough to be able to play paintball. That price includes game equipment. To be able to play paintball here, you should have to bring a few friends to make it more fun and exciting.

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