Recommended Unique Family and Friend Travel Places in Jakarta

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Cable_car_Gondola_Ancol_Jakarta_Bay_CityJakarta is a big city. Do not just look at the city from any bad things like congestion, flooding, smells, crowds, pollution of air, or the hot temperature in this city. Many unique tourist attractions scattered in various areas around Jakarta. You may also traveled with family or friends to make it more fun. Following the recommendation of some unique tourist attractions that you can check to eliminate boredom on a weekend.

Gondola Ancol

Gondola boats on the river instead, is meant here is the Gondola cable car rides. The gondola station is located at Beach Theatre Festival and Car. Through the cabin hanging height of 21 meters, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the atmosphere of another vehicle which is provided in Ancol. Each cabin has a maximum capacity of six adults weighing 80 kg. do not have to worry about falling. because up there, security is a priority. If there is wind that exceeds the maximum limit, the sensor will send a signal tower, then the train will stop operating and pulled to the nearest station.

For those of you who have heights phobia, guaranteed you will forget the fear that because of the beautiful coastal scenery and sensations that can be obtained. Gondola cable car is not as high as in similar other tourist attractions. Mileage is pretty close to the cable car, about 2.4 miles or 20 minutes. The travel time depends on the speed of the cabin. When the working day or not a holiday, cabin speed is slowed. So you can enjoy the atmosphere longer exist.

In addition to Ancol and the surrounding scenery, you can also feel the sensation of flying into space. Simply sit back to be able to feel the exciting sights in space. This scene is just a replica and the connecting station or in the middle of the road. When passing through this station, you seemed to fly in the dark space with a view of the planet hanging, drifting along with the Apollo astronauts.

Your advantage when it comes on weekdays and holidays are not the time tickets are valid up to one full day. So many times you may use the vehicle for a given origin stamp has not faded. The gondola can also be an alternative to visiting the other rides in the Ancol without having to walk away. Gondola rides located in the area of ​​Ancol Dreamland, North Jakarta.

Sky Ring

Most of Indonesia’s population can not see and feel the snow. Perhaps it is that inspires maker of this park to build a sky ring. Ice-skating rink is located on the third floor of Mall Taman Anggrek. West Jakarta. Position of Sky Rink is very easy to find because it is located in the middle of the mall. This position also makes the activity in the sky ring so free spectacle for visitors to the mall. If you want to see the situation first, you can watch from the higher floors of the third floor.

After paying for tickets Rp.34.000, you will be lent special shoes that fit the size of your feet. You also could bring ice skating favorite shoes from the house. To be comfortable and not to chilly, better wear socks. Also wear cardigans, jackets, or long sleeves to avoid freezing. But for those of you who are already proficient, clothing is not a problem.

For you are a beginner, do not be afraid to try. You can ask your friends who are already good at or can utilize the services from Sky Ring instructors is ready to provide guidance. Only by paying Rp.90.000, you will be given a short course of ice skating for 30 minutes. If you are already proficient, be prepared to get around this place. Sky Ring visitor is always crowded and usually a teenager.

To relieve tired after playing, you can buy snacks at the Sky Ring or outside in order to be satisfied. For those of you who want to explore and want to have the equipment to play ice skating, go to the Pro Shop. A variety of sports shops ice skating equipment, ranging from shoes to clothes.

Kidzania Jakarta

Kidzania invite children to play and feel the experience of working as an adult. The work can be tried very diverse, ranging from doctors, pilots, bank clerks, engineers, and even thieves. Location Kidzania Jakarta is located in Pacific Place Shopping Mall.

The first thing to do when he arrived at the location are buying tickets at the counter with the atmosphere as an airport. In fact you can find a replica front of the plane here. Ticket prices vary depending on age group. Given the long queues. You are advised to arrive half an hour before the session can be booked online or the day before.

Each participant will be provided a check for 50 KidZos and city maps Kidzania. KidZos is the currency prevailing in the city. checks that can be cashed or deposited most of all in the bank. Participants will be given an ATM card when saving money in the bank. This money can be used to pay for goods they can buy such as chocolate, instant noodles, pizza, or pay the bus fare city. To obtain additional KidZos, participants have to work somewhere. City map will explain where to pay or paid participants. Every place has some role play or work. Usually the duration of each establishment scenario about 20 minutes. So participants will feel happy to work hard and earn money.

There are more than 70 types of different jobs in the pavilion and complete the work equipment. Almost all of this pavilion using the name as real life. There is a fire fighting simulation that uses real water hose. But certainly a burning building simulation. Funny, each participant can also be an enemy of society as a thief. So participants will feel pursued, arrested, tried, and imprisoned. The rest KidZos obtained can be used to buy souvenirs, drinks, or food in department stores in the city Kidzania. In addition, KidZos can also be stored in the bank to use when going to visit another time Kidzania. Of course, the child will not be satisfied if only once visited the miniature city.

Atmostfear Fx

Sliding the slider tube normally found in the pool or water park was normal. Gliding from the seventh floor to the ground floor of the shopping center was just remarkable. The new game named Atmostfear now become an icon of the mall fx, a new lifestyle center in Jakarta provide a attraction that will take you to glide from one floor to the seventh floor through dry slides along 72 meters. Elevation is approximately 28.25 meters with a glide angle of 45 degrees. This game is an adaptation of the German and the first time in the wake of Asia.

The initial challenge was waiting in line at the mouth of the slider with a transparent floor. So you can dreamy person who was sliding down. Many visitors were not finished playing or fear. But for the brave, this vehicle actually becomes a challenge for them.

Once ready and confident, visitors must wear a given jacket, helmet, elbow and knee pads, and matt. Having been briefed and understand about how safe and fun slide, crew Atmostfear then encourage visitors to navigate the winding path of the transparent slide. unknowingly, body weight will be flung to the left and right tubes with stainless steel. Sliding speed is very fast will not give pause time for your brain to think for gliding. You can only surrender and shouted to dissipate tensions. Once landed, the skaters will be photographed and mounted on board 1001 Most Fearless People.

Although impressed and creepy, many are hooked. Both experience and so will provide a different experience. Fx lifesyle X’nter also often hold promo event to give cheap tickets. Like shopping in a particular nominal will get a voucher or Atmostfear ticket. Dare to try?

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