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Midsummer_CrownScandinavian society is known to be very friendly and helpful. There is a Scandinavian gladly approached I was confused and asked maps in local languages ​​about my destination. With a backpack getting heavy I give hostel booking printout and read the address listed.

Old man came up to me in the morning smiling while showing directions, and even accompanied me on foot toward the hostel. Can not be described relieved my heart, not only because it marks the name of the hostels have been seen, but also because of the friendliness and gets help from a stranger in a place so far from home. and my feeling so much lighter.

Scandinavian people rarely begin talks with the English language. Every entrance to the hotel, shops, museum, or restaurant, the first sentence in the local language was definitely speak up. Maybe they think I’m immigrants who have been living there. If you say I’m speaking English, then automatically they’re changing the language to English.

Average Scandinavian person can speak English well and they do not anti to use English. In return, I try to remember and say thank you in the local language. Width smile expands directly in their friendly faces at the sight of my business. Say thanks in local is magical.

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