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Oslo_opera_houseIf you are visiting Oslo Opera House when the day began. Although the day was bright, the wind sent from the North Pole starting to feel bite. Thin dress used is not able to protect the body from the brunt of the wind. Oslo is bad weather and clouds hang in no way help to improve mood travelers.

Tall buildings around Oslo Central Station plays a role in protecting air travelers from the invasion of Oslo. Getting closer to the Oslo Opera House, the tall building and diminishing winds began to show the greatness of Oslo. Your head will be getting dizzy and ears will be buzzing, but you have to go to the building that became the pride and the landmark Oslo. Oslo Opera House is located right next to the Oslofjord and is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet or Den Norske Opera and Balett. Since opening in 2008, this building became the largest art institution in Norway.

Oslo Opera House architecture design is unique and environmental friendly makes this building has received several awards at the World Architecture Festival held in Barcelona, ​​at October 2008, and the European union Prize for Contemporary Architecture in 2009. When looking directly Oslo Opera House, Oslo Opera House considered consistent with the concept that you want to display. Oslo Opera House building is similar to the design of a ship and placed right side of the Oslofjord looks blend with the environment and making it appear like a ship at anchor. Consistency of the concept that managed to bring the design of the Oslo Opera House to stage the world of architectural design.

Oslo Opera House design is similar to the ship, visitors can climb the roof of Oslo Opera House through the sloping part of the building. From the roof of the building, visitors can see the other buildings around Oslo and the Oslofjord stretches. On the roof of Oslo Opera House, the air turns colder and thinner. Travelers with a pair of thick jacket looks busy taking photos and looking at the building from the Oslo Opera House.

When the Oslo Opera House are hosting a ballet Romeo and Juliet with a ticket price of around hundreds of krona. Opera and ballet performances carried out in a room dominated by wooden material. The next day, if you pass the Oslo Opera House, the weather will be very different from the weather experienced yesterday. The sky was bright, the air warm, the sun was shining, and visitors with a relaxing sunbathing on the marble floor Oslo Opera House. Oslo Opera House was very enjoyable place to visit when the weather is sunny. The view from the place was also very nice. If you want to go to Oslo Opera House, try to come in the morning until noon to get sunny weather.

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